How to Get Instant 750 Followers on Twitter in 10 Minutes

Fri, Aug 20, 2010, by gracealone

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We all need followers for our Twitter account and how to do that is what we keep on thinking all the time. Here is a quick solution for getting 750 followers within 10 minutes on autopilot.

Twitter has limited the followers to 1000 followers per day. Ofcourse, getting those 1000 Twitter followers per day is also very difficult because we can follow others easily but cannot force others to follow us. That is how we always remain ahead in following others but sometimes we do not get followers for our Twitter account.

Well, I have found a website where we can get 750 followers automatically within 10 minutes. I have tried to do that with my all Twitter accounts and you can see the number of followers I have on my Twitter accounts.

Just make sure that when you enter the username and password of your Twitter account in this website, you also  follow them on Twitter and retweet about their tweet on your Twitter account so that you get more followers from it. Just one retweet is enough. You will get all this information on the website.

So let us summarize the steps to get 750 followers for your old or new Twitter account.

1. Open the website. Click here for the link.

2. Enter your Twitter username and password. You password is NOT stored by the website, so please do not worry about it.

3. Follow the Twitter account which you find on the website

4. Retweet the message just once and get more followers for your Twitter account. You will find this button at the bottom of the webpage.

Please note that the followers which you get by this method are not necessarily of the same interest as your Twitter account. For example: I have a Twitter account about recipes, cooking and food, so I may not get all the followers with the same interests. However, I think that getting 750 followers with all the types of interests can be helpful for me to get more followers on Twitter because many people avoid following new accounts.

Also, when you want to earn from websites like sponsored tweets, revtwt and, you really need only a large number of followers to get paid for your tweets. You can also read how to earn from the sponsored tweets or Twitter marketing.

If you have any questions them either write a comment or send me a message so that I can help you further.

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    Growing a targeted following is very time consuming. Manually clicking on follows and unfollows is a boring process and you can lose track of who you followed and unfollowed. I have been using twidium for some time and I am very satisfied with it. There are four important features I need – mass following, list following, unfollowing and the project planner.

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    whats the website link cause the one you put up didnt show me the real website

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