How to Force Facebook to Unblock Suspended Account

Sun, Oct 10, 2010, by adeyemiayodeji

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Here is a simple and straight forward guide on getting full access to your facebook account after it might have been blocked. 100 percent proven and tested.

How it all Began

I have been an active user of Facebook for the past three years, I update my status everyday, connect and chat with my friends everyday and participate in different online games via facebook. I have been enjoying all these pecks without knowing that facebook will come knocking one day to demand for its cost of using its platform to socialize. And of a sudden, I was demoted back to square one, embarrassed out of the system and deprived of all my privacy on facebook. Here is a full account of my experience as a full time user of the social networking site called Facebook, how I was shown the way out of the party on facebook, how I turned from being an account holder with facebook to being a non-account holder, I suffered defeat and finally, how I rose up to the challenge and confronted facebook on why they dare have the guts to restrict my access to my account.

I know there are some of you guys out there that had gone through the same mess I went through and are currently looking for a way out. This article is 100 percent proven to give you an instant solution to solve your problem, so read on.

The Problem

Three months ago, I visited a new cybercafé for the first time in a friend’s neighborhood. After logging onto the internet, checking my mails and surfing around for a while. I decided to log in to my facebook account, but what did I get back: “A Suspicious Activity has been detected on this Account and it has been blocked due to security measures”.

I attempted to login again for more than 3 times on a row. To my chagrin, all the responses I got from facebook were all the same. For the first time in my life on internet surfing, I had been defeated. I owe a reputation and solid experience of using the internet for more than twelve years, and through all these, I have never seen so much embarrassment. I am not a scammer, cracker and I have never engaged in any form of internet fraud.

Two days later, facebook sent me a message to go through certain steps in order to have access to my account. I was asked to send them a narrative example of my most recent picture, recent activities, my date of birth, full names, name of three of my friends, alternate email address that I submitted during registration.

I did all I was asked to do step by step without making any mistakes. Four days later, Facebook sent me a link that I will click on if I wish to have access to my account again. I felt like I was on top of the world, I was so happy, that finally I’m getting access to my account back.

I didn’t know that I was merely a dreamer building castles in the air, a wishful thinker counting my hens before they were hatched. What I didn’t know was that I was really in for a deep shit.

The Solution

Finally, after three months, I decided to try another alternative. I mounted and embarked on an aggressive approach; I threw all courtesy aside and charged head on into the battle to decide the rightful owner of the account with facebook.

I resolved to send another message in another format to them, in my new message, I took out my time to outline the impossible conditions they’ve set for me. I have over 200 friends on my list, and I was asked to identify 7 people that were tagged in 7 different pictures. I only barely know few of these people.

So, I petitioned them and promptly demand to have access back to my account by all means necessary. Of which, failure to comply on their part will lead me to promptly create a blog that will be dedicated to antagonize all their policies. I went further to state that all my personal information are all the account, my pictures, notes, friends, groups and so on and I demand to get them back if they wish to keep their account. Otherwise, I will blame them on any technology forum website I could lay my hands on.


Lo and behold!, on the third day after petitioning facebook, I received another mail directing me to log in with a new password they assigned to me and to change it once I log into my account successfully.

When I followed this new directive, wow! my account came out at me like the morning sun, like a long lost puppy that finally found its way home. Finally, after 3 months wasted on trying to peacefully negotiate with facebook. I got my account back easily when I went on the offensive with them.

I won!

Try this step and watch out for the result within a week and don’t forget to leave a comment.

Thank you.

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  1. Jakub Dolezal Says:

    Hi adeyemiayodeji, thanks very much for this article. I have a quite simillar problem to yours, my account has been blocked for the last two days, and so far, I sent them 4 emails on their adresses, very polite and full of apologizing. You have no idea what blocking of my account means to me, it’s a complete nightmare. I would do anything to have my account back, so I just wanna ask, what email adress did you use in the end? And what did you write to them exactly? If you could copy the text of the email here, it would be great and very helpful to me.

    Thanks very much in advance for your time :)

  2. ahmad johari.bin salim Says:

    hopefully my facebook acount can open…

  3. Peter-Rhaina Gwokto Says:

    I am a victim of the same circumstance and need your help. The missing item in your experience is the email address or addresses you used to correspond with them (FaceBook). I should b grateful if you let me know, ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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