How to Build a False Facebook Account

Thu, Jul 29, 2010, by AndAnotherThing

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Facebook has seen off its rival Myspace and now seems to be taking over the world. Pardon the bad pun but Facebook is two-faced. On one hand it is the modern communications phenomena but on the other it is a force which needs to be faced up to.

Nowadays anyone on Facebook with less than 500 friends is seen as some sort of social failure. Don’t worry though as this can be remedied by making up pretend friends. Yes, this might sound a little extreme but who cares as long as you get your five hundred friends and have more friends than your rival? Exactly, nobody.

How to Build a False Facebook Account

To build a false Facebook account all you need is an email address. To make it simple register your false person/friend with their own invented name as the basis of their email account. For example if you want to invent a pretend friend called Maria Mullovatimall, register her with this email address (Please note that for this example we have replaced or with the fictitious email provider but apologies to the whatever organisation if it exists.

Make up as many fake friends as you like but keep a note of them with the password you need to access their email accounts. Tip: use the same password for all your false email accounts as this is much easier for you to remember than the 500. 

Once you have the false email accounts you can start making your false Facebook accounts. We recommend that you note down the details of your false friends in a notebook or open an excel document or other spreadsheet type of thing. Each of your false friends will need their own birthday and you should (so as to seem more authentic) add details which are individual to all your fake friends.

Are You Sad Enough to Do This?

We hope beyond all hope that you are not sad enough to do this. Please do not fall for the Facebook social pressure to have so many friends you couldn’t fit them into the average size dwelling. If you haven’t 500 or more Facebook friends you are likely to be more socially successful than those who do. By all means invent one or two false friends but make these exceptional people. For example make them the Chief Executive Officer of a multinational organisation or the mother of thirty-four children.

Don’t Fall Foul of Facebook

We hope that this article has made you think about Facebook and might have stopped you taking Facebook at face value. There are many false profiles on Facebook. Although some of these have been invented for fun some are masquerading as harmless types to ensnare their next victim. Children and the vulnerable should have their Facebook sessions monitored to avoid getting to know these types and harmed in the future.

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