How Does Facebook Increase Unique Site Visits?

Sat, Apr 10, 2010, by Jimmy Shilaho

Social Networks

I have noticed that visits to social networking sites and sharing of my articles on them actually increase page views and unique visits to my site. How does this happen?

I have a site known as THE GREATEST WRITERS FORUM. I have noticed over time that whenever I share my articles on this site on either facebook or twitter, the unique visitors to my site increase for the moment that I am on these sites. A few moments on either twitter or facebook increases unique visitors ten fold. Are these visitors to my site or visitors to facebook and twitter?  Are these actual visitors viewing the articles that moment or some form of marketing gimmick by the two sites.

I was never excited by the two social networking sites but then I read in some article that they increase page views. It took me time to create an account on facebook and later on twitter, myspace and others. Unique visitors to my site have increased from a monthly low of between 70 and 90 to as high as 400. What is the secret? How do social networking sites increase page views and unique visitors to websites? Is it just a marketing gimmick that is meant to drive visitors to their websites?

Every major business on the internet now has a facebook page and a twitter account. Do the two social networking sites really work magic for businesses? If they do, how do they do it? I know that site visits translate to actual sales at times, but if not, how good are they for building customer relations? These are the questions I need answered by experts of online marketing and social networking. I have been a beneficiary; all I need now is to know how.

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  1. Blaber Blogger Says:

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  2. Anita Treso Says:

    You ask interesting questions.

  3. Anita Treso Says:

    You ask interesting questions!

  4. Temjen Imchen Says:

    Good question! Perhaps we’ll never know!

  5. The forgiver Says:

    Thank you very much. This information was of very great use to me. Sincerely thanking you from the deepest of my heart. THE GREAT WRITERS FORUM was also of a great use to me. Thank you very very very very very much.
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  6. yes me Says:


  7. LoveDoctor Says:

    This is a good question and I am glad that you raised it. I am not very fond of Facebook, Myspace nor twitter but I’ve also wondered whether signing up for these sites would actually increase my page views.

  8. Snooky Says:

    I know what you mean since I put a feed to my articles on twitter and face book my views have increase tremendously you just dont know who is doing the viewing or what else is going on. But I am still greaful for the views

  9. deep blue Says:

    Interesting questions, Jimmy. I haven’t joined facebook and twitter so I couldn’t ask why I have only few hits.

  10. lillyrose Says:

    Not sure where your hits come from first but I use facebook and twitter and do get visits from them

  11. Atanacio Says:

    a very good share I too use to get a great deal of visitors from other sites, but my lack of particpation to those sites dwindled and so did the cross-over views, but good share

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