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Mon, Oct 17, 2011, by jioges

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This guide will teach you how to get tons of Facebook subscribers so you can promote your work through status updates.


Subscribers is a fairly new feature unrolled by Facebook to combat the followers feature of Twitter. If you want, you can enable the subscribe feature and allow people to get your status updates without being your friend. As you can tell, this has massive promotional potential and is the topic of the following article.

Step 1: Be Attractive

First of all, in order to be appealing to subscribers, you will probably want to use a secondary Facebook account unless your main doesn’t post cheezy personal updates. Subscribers don’t care about your personal life but they do want something out of you whether it be online resources, links, or funny content. Try to update regularly with the content you want to promote, but never post all at once.

Step 2: Get Subscribers

This step requires some sacrifice on your part. Here’s what you do; scroll down this page to the comments and post your Facebook profile link. By doing so, you are agreeing that you will try to subscribe back to the people who subscribe to you from this page.

Step 3: Subscribe

Subscribe to the other people who have commented on this page, and they will subscribe back to you. If they don’t, you can simply unsubscribe to them.


As of now, this is the absolute best way to get subscribers on Facebook. That being said, I will keep my eye out for new methods and write about whatever I find.

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    Subscribe me , i will subscribe back! I post humour , song lyrics and alot of entertainment onto my facebook. My facebook is farley new..i post a few photos here and there. I will like most of your stuff ect<3 xxxx

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