Four Reasons Why Facebook Likes Disappear

Thu, Feb 24, 2011, by Rhodora Bande

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One popular search result on my dashboard has something to do with the disappearance of the Facebook Likes. For so many times, they disappeared from my articles. Very recently, all the Facebook Likes – 85 of them – on my Triond profile disappeared.


What, then, are the reasons for their disappearance? As of this writing, I can identify four. Here they are:

1. Change the title of your article

If there is a need to edit the title, do it before your friends have the chance to start clicking the Facebook Likes.  In other words, you must edit the title right after its publication.  I have one article that previously had 86 Likes. As soon as I edited its title, all the Facebook Likes disappeared. But then, it was something that I had to do otherwise I would have misspelled the scientific name of the root crop,  Amorphophallus paeoniifolius.  Spelling  its scientific name rightly  is, to me, more important than those Facebook Likes.

2. Change your pen name

Aside from losing some of your readers, you likewise lose the Facebook Likes on your Triond profile as soon as you change your pen name. Two days ago, I changed my pen name to a shorter one and all the Facebook Likes on my profile disappeared instantly.

3. Change the name of your Facebook fan page

If you have a fan page for your school or for your business, make sure that you are using the correct name of the organization otherwise you will lose the Facebook Likes on your page should you decide to change its name. There was this local beauty pageant that created a Facebook fan page and one award was based on the number of Likes the candidates garnered from Facebook users.  Everything was smooth sailing except when its name was changed.  The admins had to post an announcement requesting the Facebook friends to click the Like button once again in order that they will have something to count.

4. Apply for a website relocation

If you write for Triond, then you know what website relocation is.  If an article is performing well but is assigned to Authspot, you might consider relocating it to Bookstove.  The latter pays poem critiques and short story reviews better than the former.  But then, you will also have to give up those Facebook Likes that you gained over the years from your readers.


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  1. Brewed Coffee Says:

    The disappearing facebook likes in my articles have returned, I think. Thanks for the heads up on changing names and titles. Not that I am contemplating on changing my pen name. I think I’m stuck with it for good :-) Great article, RB!

  2. Fornis Says:

    Other than the 3rd one, the first three have one common thing happening. They result in change in URL of the page. If you rename or relocate back so the url becomes same or post a new one with same title as older one you should see the same number likes appearing again.

    If I were in your place, I would rename them back for the number of likes :)
    Mistakes happen and that makes some readers feel closer to us.

    You see, I got 6 likes on my profile page. That stops me from changing pen name.

  3. MsPatriciaDV Says:

    Now those give me good reasons not to change my pen name and article titles! Thanks a lot!

  4. LCM Linda Says:

    Sorry to hear that you lost all FB likes. Hope you will gain back the likes the soonest. The change of title reminded me a problem I had in Triond, I changed the title for one of my articles due to a spelling error. After correction, the article disappeared. So, I requested giving it back to me. The article comes back with total one view and stopped at this. I gain nothing for that article.

  5. Rhodora Bande Says:

    Fornis, you’re right about the Facebook Likes. They are back. Thank you for the advice.

  6. rubielee Says:

    informative article

  7. Dee Gold Says:

    thank you for sharing these reasons, sis

  8. gvgatchalian Says:

    For a while I wondered why you got back to your old pen name. These FB Likes are more than mere “likes”–they are acknowledgements and thumb-ups from friends and readers which inspire us and keep us going. I love your article, dear friend. Keep it coming.

  9. Fornis Says:

    Thanks for the bonus idea :) 1/5th of my day is done!

    All friends,
    I had posted a response to help everyone on titles/url and its impact on SEO web traffic in World Wide Web:
    Think a Lot Before Changing The Title (Or URL) of Your Article or Website

    Read it to avoid committing regrettable mistakes.

  10. Fornis Says:

    Like others said, nice to read!

  11. lapasan Says:

    This information is helpful for writers in Triond who have Facebook account.

  12. nz2rdfox Says: this is interesting :)

    You have mastered the craft madaam :)

  13. lembaga zakat Says:

    thank you 4 sharing

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