Five Things You Should Never Share on Facebook

Wed, May 18, 2011, by ravitej

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Almost every user likes to share everything on their Facebook page but certain updates can lead to criticism, embarrassment and even job termination.

So here’s a shortlist of what you shouldn’t share on the social networking site, reports CBS news.

1.That your job sucks.

If you say this, you could be fired.

2.That you hate your ex.

In the event that you and your boyfriend get back together, or you and that friend you had a falling out with start talking again, you’ll look like a total sucker. It’s okay to let your emotions govern your thoughts but keep your feelings off your Facebook until you’ve started to think clearly about said ex.

The important thing to remember about social networks is that although you have the option to delete your comments, sometimes it can be too late. It’s immediate and someone might’ve laid eyes on it before your retraction.

3.That you’re going on vacation and then give the dates you’re away.

You could be robbed. A recent study found that thieves scan social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for folks in targeted neighbourhoods before they strike.

4.That you love yourself.

In fact, don’t give any indication that you’re your biggest fan. Your followers will only think the opposite. It’s the biggest barometer of insecurity. Researchers at the University at Buffalo also found that women who base their self-worth on appearance and what people think of them tend to upload pictures very frequently.

5.That you’re mean.

Saying mean things about people can only make you undesirable-for potential employers, dates, friends and strangers.

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  1. Dreamy777 Says:

    great information

  2. Sushant94 Says:

    meaningful lol

  3. isloooboy Says:

    Very informative topic thanks for sharing

  4. Rosettaartist1 Says:

    Very true. Too much is shared there.

  5. sathi.k Says:

    I totally agree with you that these kind of personal information and other related data should be kept confidential.Sharing too much is just like playing with fire. Well said.

  6. Cassle Tang Says:

    LOL! Great points! :) Totally agree with all of the things you mentioned above. :)

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