Finally Pinterest Invite Anyone to Join

Thu, Sep 13, 2012, by zakiee24

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Finally Pinterest Invite Anyone To Join.

Pinterest founded in 2010 is known to have the invite-only registration models, which means that only certain people, who received an invitation, which can be joined Pinterest.

Finally capture pinterest Pinterest Invite Anyone To Join

Recently, social networking photo sharing third largest in the United States after Facebook and Twitter. Peralahan but it certainly has opened itself to the public, anyone can register themselves on

Pinterest officially announce the diblognya “For those of you who have not joined Pinterest, now you can already enroll in Pinterset without waiting for an invitation. You just visit to start. In addition to using the login Facebook or Twitter, we are also open for registration so that you can sign up using your email address. “

Pinterest decision to open the widest general registration must have a base of its own, although some issues dikhawatiran some circles, especially regarding the quality of the site’s users.

TNW says that (09/08/2012) with the opening of applicants for public freely to reduce the quality of the user and the level of use. In the end, it will help commercialize the opening of the site, delivering advertisements to a large audience and the opportunity to grow the team further.

According to TNW Pinterest thing underlying the decision, which is about two months ago Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has invested $ 100 million in the social networking As.

Rakuten that since the first quarter of this year has revenue of $ 2.56 billion, a strategic partner for Pinterest to jointly collaborate to find ways to improve visibilas each other.

But regardless of the reason Pinterest opening its services freely, there is no harm if we try new flavors of social networking Pinterest.

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