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Sat, Jan 7, 2012, by Kaitlynn Forrett

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If you like what I write hear then become my fan =)

Hey! you think the things I write hear are good? want to know the face behind the words? then find me on face book at kaitlynn forrett or fallow me on twitter  @kaitlynnforrett and fallow me there! If you still like me, like my writing and you know what I’m getting bigger so keep looking! If you blink I might be gone! If you have ideas or topics you’d like me talk about feel free to suggest! if you have some tips also feel free to suggest if you just like looking at me well keep looking! Dont forget to check out Glimmer studios at heatherfrye1@etsy.com there stuff is really awesome! and reasonably priced! I mean really come on! I work for them and i ware what they make and love it! You will to! So if you love me, love my work, or just want to stalk me (jokeing don’t really stalk me that might freaky me out just a little thou its vary flattering its unnecessary i am vary friendly and more then willing to talk with you so just say hi!) face book me and fallow me on twitter baby! you like me now you’ll love me latter! so stop sitting there and start finding me! and don’t forget to click my adds and like my work and I’ll do the same for you thanks! Love, peace and tatter tots people =) mwah!

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  1. Profit Buzz Says:

    I found you on face book, actually there are 3 kaitlynn forrett but I guess you are the one with the photo.

  2. Kaitlynn Forrett Says:

    yup thats me! thanks =) always like to have new firends

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