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Sat, Dec 31, 2011, by radeonfire

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Once enabled, cannot revert to the original.

Timeline is a new feature introduced by Facebook. The form is pretty good, where we can see our profile or someone else with more spacious and complete. Want to have your Facebook Timeline feature is also quite easy. Only with one click, you can enjoy the Timeline.

But if you are already activates your Timeline on Facebook and want to return to its original appearance, you have to bite the fingers that look up you can not be returned to the original because there is no feature that allows to restore the display as before. From the Facebook itself suggests that there is no other way to restore the display up to prior to the Timeline. And it seems, the Timeline will be mandatory viewing for its users. And if it does not activate the Timeline, then automatically, sooner or later, you’ll look up into the Timeline even if you do not want to. And honestly, Timeline view is quite heavy and quite large bandwidth consuming. Maybe that’s one reason why the timeline is less preferred.

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  1. sanataryal Says:

    Great info about one of the most visited websites today . Radeonfire , u really hit the point .

  2. Rosettaartist1 Says:

    People seem confused by it.

  3. radeonfire Says:

    @all : thank you to read my article . happy new year all .. :)

    @rosettaartist1 : that’s right ..

  4. ittech Says:

    Sounds great.

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