Facebook Ticker is Just a Hater Running Interference

Sun, Dec 11, 2011, by Christopher Kendalls

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Facebook Ticker is just a hater running interference.

The other day I was on Facebook and one of my friends posted an update that I liked.  So I clicked on the like button.  My wife, who was on Facebook at the time asked who the girl was.  I told her it was someone that we went to school with; she didn’t believe me, but we both moved on.

This is the reason why I do not post anything to my wall.  I do a lot on Facebook, but you will not see anything on my wall.  That used to be enough for me, but now with this new “ticker” function, if you happen to be on Facebook at the same time that I am you get an update on stuff that does not have anything to do with you.

This changes everything; now I have to make sure that no one else I know is on Facebook at the time that I interact with the people I really do want to talk to at that moment.  I actually use the ticker myself, because there is activity that occurs on the ticker that I would never see unless I went out of my way to stalk people and check out their wall, which I do not like doing. 

If I actually want to know what you are doing on Facebook, I will go to your wall to see what you are doing!  If I wanted to be on Twitter, I would be on Twitter; this “twitter like” feature that Facebook has is rather annoying. 

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