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Mon, Nov 7, 2011, by jioges

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This article is based off of the common search term, "Facebook Login .com". It turns out, millions upon millions of people are afflicted with the habit of getting to Facebook by searching this term, and I’m rather enraged by this spectacle.

Did you know, the search term “Facebook Login .com” gets 185 million Google searches a month?

Why is this surprising?

185 million people each month search for the Facebook Login page, for some reason adding “.com” to the search term. Hilariously, they don’t realize that to get to the Facebook login page, all they need to do is enter Facebook.com (click the link to go to Facebook) into their URL bar. Typing Facebook login .com into Google and having to click the first result to the Facebook login page is way more work than necessary.

Is it really 185 million people?

Yes, here is your proof:

This image is proof that there are 185,000,000 searches for “Facebook login .com” on a monthly basis.

Let’s Take Action:

If you have friends afflicted with the terrible habit of typing unneeded extra words into search engines trying to access the Facebook login page, please inform the necessary authorities as this is a problem that needs serious intervention to solve. After informing the authorities, inform Nancy Grace, because she will obviously be outraged about anything that gets reported to the authorities.

We must get the word out about this terrible illness, so please share this page on Facebook by clicking the Facebook “like” button, which is located on the left side of this page, or share it on your Facebook wall for all to see.

If you are one of those people who actually did type Facebook Login .com into the Google search engine:

  1. First, you need to login to the nearest psychiatric hospital because you are a very silly person.
  2. To get to the actual Facebook Login page, go ahead and follow this link: Facebook.com
  3. Don’t let your Facebook friends login like a lumberjack to the same hospital, share this article on your Facebook wall.
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  1. PebblePath Says:

    facebook phobia is it? :D good one there

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