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Mon, Jun 6, 2011, by writeandgetpaid

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How would you express the word monkey without looking like a monkey?
That would be a lot of work I say, especially when you want to be a bit modest in words yet so definite in action.

So the scene would go like you are on a conversation with a friend or a frenemy (friend and enemy?!) through Facebook and you want to go or actually in the midst of telling him or her that he or she looks like that of a monkey (intentionally or unintentionally) but would rather found it hard to express it in words.

Then think of having a Facebook emoticons monkey that you could access right away whenever you feel like calling your friend or frenemy a monkey (literally). Would you want to thank life for that?

Just a simple click from your Facebook emoticons monkey and your wonderful conversation would mean a lot. Whether you want to sound so funny or so true, the fact that you could easily interact and express the word monkey into a picturesque side would be rather easy because of this Facebook emoticons monkey.

It’s obviously hard to go visual when you want to talk about monkey or any monkey related topics, especially when you’re doing the conversation in your Facebook or other means of social network communication.

And the fact that monkey icons look so funny would also captures the idea of your being a funny side and the one you are talking to would find you cool to talk with. It’s definitely a plus on your side.

Now, you could go express your monkey side through one click away.

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