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Sun, Aug 7, 2011, by LorSpon

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Available download of the newest facebook credits generator (version 13.2) in this article!

Click here to download the facebook credit generator! It’s all free and we don’t scam you, we provide the password you need!  v13-2 Facebook Credit Gen (wpassword).rar

 This facebook credit generator is very simple to use, the first thing to do is you select how many facebook credits you want (15, 50, or 100). It is best to receive your credits slowly so that facebook won’t notice (this is undetectable) You just have to type in the top box like in the bolded text: [emailhere@email.com|passwordhere] then press generate, and done! It should appear within a couple of seconds!

With facebook credits you can get many different exclusive  content/items from many facebook games,  like points, virtual items, virtual food for your avatar(s), and even virtual homes! You shouldn’t pay for virtual stuff, get virtual stuff by doing virtual stuff! And all you have to do is just download this little software! It won’t spam other fan pages, or take your facebook account!

Donnie Santacruz: “I can’t believe this! I’m saving hundreds!”

Brian H. Brown: “I’m so glad I trusted this program, not the others!”

Want to recieve facebook credits for free but the non generator/survey/download way? Then check this!

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