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Thu, Jan 6, 2011, by pablina

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Facebook.com login.

Facebook.com login.

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Do you have a Facebook account?

How many times do you login to Facebook on a daily basis? Or are you one of those that has Facebook login permanently on, password remembered on the computer so you don’t have to keep logging in.

Your Facebook login is pretty important, as there is so much information another person can get just from your Facebook profile.

Some people are sensible enough to hide all their info so that no one but their friends can see this information. But then they have people on their Facebook friends lists that they don’t really know that well.

Maybe you’re one of these people who allows friends of friends to see your personal information on Facebook.

There are a lot of people who are pretty naive when it comes to Facebook, Facebook login and how dangerous it can actually be.

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  1. alvinwriter Says:

    People should be more careful.

  2. Anj M Says:

    Yes you are right. Also parents should guide their children on how to use the net.

  3. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    It is very much essential to safeguard our information.

  4. catlord Says:

    I have Facebook, use it only for sharing my Triond and Factoidz articles for the backlinks.

  5. shelpeare Says:

    Very true. People have to be careful. Nothing is really private. Sites like kurrently.com prove that not even your status updaates are secure.

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