Facebook Changes Clients Email Address Without Informing Them

Tue, Jun 26, 2012, by stevetheblogger

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This must sound very familiar to many Triond users. This weekend without bothering to inform any of its 900 million members. Facebook changed there personal email addresses.

This weekend Facebook changed the default email address of every one of its member’s profiles to an @Facebook.com address that most of its users didn’t even know they had.  What this means is is that the email address you had listed as your main contact address (such as a Hotmail, Gmail or Sympatico Etc) are now hidden to friends who visit your profile page.

This change prevents Facebook users from using there Hotmail or Gmail address to contact other users outside of Facebook. This allows Facebook’s captive audience from drifting off the site. This has caused outrage to burst out by Facebook users causing them to complain in droves, with many likening the change to Facebook’s recent move to steer users to its Timeline feature an alternate way of displaying postings that irritates most people.

If you want your regular (and now hidden) email address displayed once again follow these steps.

Go go back to your original address, click on the “about” section of your profile.
Look for “contact info” and click on the edit icon in the right hand corner.
Once There, you can change who can see your email address and choose to highlight which email address they can see.

All Facebook would say is “We are updating addresses on Facebook to make them more consistent across our site.”

The plot thickens in every sense and it has to be of concern to all Facebook members who ask. How safe is my personal email address and are Facebook giving these email addressee to anyone.

The other question is: For any new member just signing up in order to verify there Facebook page they are obliged to give there Cell phone number. Just how safe is this number in the hands of Facebook.


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