Don’t Do This on Facebook

Sat, Mar 17, 2012, by dhyasa

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Don’t ever do on Facebook.

Stop doing this on facebook or other social networks. Anticipation of events you would expect in the real world can be started from the virtual world. One of them to sort out the facebook activity undertaken. Citing Forbes, there are three things that you should never do on Facebook. What are the and why ..? Don’t make friends with the neighbors knowing your complete data. Why ..? Because a man in the United Kingdom managed to collect stolen money as much as US $ 55,000 for two years just because she was able to answer all questions key to steal his neighbor’s account. Man named Iain Wood, 33, from United Kingdom easily breaking into his neighbor’s account just by answering the question the answer key to know in social accounts he network. Like, ” who is your pet’s name? ”, ” who’s Your best friend’s name? ”, and ” on the street where you live? Avoid giving an open invitation on your Facebook Event. Although police have yet to do a sweeping Indonesia events broadcast open via Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, but New York police should have actual events will only be attended by members of the gang onar maker in New York. When you want to hold the event that fits your guest list, undanglah them privately before there are utilizing your event is not responsible.

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