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Sat, May 2, 2009, by lindalulu

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A new community has just opened up and it’s name is Discovering Moonbeams. This is a wonderful place to come make friends, it is also a great place to add a book mark or your blog.

A month or so ago I was approached by the owner of Moonbeams. Moon the founder of the site and asked me if I would be willing to go take a looksie and join if I would like.

She explained to me it was a brand new book marking site, a community to start new friendships and grow together. I decided to join and have nothing but good things to say so far about the place.

Moon has been a God sent thus far and has helped me in promoting my articles and we have become good friends. I decided I would interview her so you can see Moonbeams from her perspective. So here we go.

Linda: Hi Moon How are you today?

Moon: Doing great

Linda: Lets start by asking a little bit about you. Could you give us all a little bit of back ground about yourself?

Moon: Sure. I am the mother of three teenagers, aged 18-21. Happily embarking on the next chapter of my life..Life after children! In addition to my children, I have 10 furry rescued kids. I choose to be a vegetarian, feel passionate about human and animal rights, but most of all I enjoy quiet evenings at home with my fiance on our computers.

Linda: I also have a furry friend Moon, she brings me so much joy having 10 is quite a lot of love I am sure. When did Moonbeams become one of your dreams?

Moon: I toyed with the idea beginning on New Years day.

Linda: For what reasons did you decide to open Moonbeams?

Moon: A few years back, my family went though a very emotionally trying time. Our 16 yr old went missing from school grounds.
Try as I may with the local police and school no one seemed to care about her. Let alone get  her picture out. So.. out of desperation I
turned to my Stumble Upon page. Within days.. I had thousands of people from all over the world contacting me! Offering their help, prayers
and support. These friends stayed with me 24/7 until thankfully  nearly 2 weeks later she was found. Safe and sound. I never will forget the love and support I felt from strangers at this terrible time in my life. It re-instilled in me the belief that total strangers really can come together and care about each other. That we can bridge any gap.. it does not matter what God we serve or what country you are  from or in some cases what language you speak we can reach out and help one another. It is a powerful thing! With time so difficult for everyone, I hoped to created a central meeting place where friends from all over the web and world could
unite. Come to get to know each other better and offer support when times were tough.

Linda: That sounds so wonderful especially in this day and age when life seems so difficult. I am so glad your daughter was found safely. So when was the site opened for business?

Moon: I first started looking into it around Valentines Day of this year. At which time, I kept the site private and only invited a few friends, but the site was opened publicly in March of 2009 and anyone can join.

Linda:How many members do you have there now?

Moon: We currently have 48 members.

Linda: Fourty eight and growing correct?  What do you think is special about your site and would draw people to join us there?

Moon: Yes the site has new people joining each day now. What is special about Moonbeams is that I hope guests would see that it is a personalized site. One where there is no stress and few limits on what you can say or do. I hoped to created a central meeting place. Our only rules are please be polite to others and do not post x-rated material as some may find this offensive. My hope is that my members will
feel safe and secure to be themselves allowing us to grow as a community and as friends. 

Linda: What demographic are you targeting?

Moon: Everyone is welcome, however, most of our members tend to be 30-50 years old. I find that we tend to be in the same stages of our lives. I feel this will help us better relate to one another.

Linda: How many people have you helped that are members there now to promote their content?

both of whom are currently on tour.Moon: It is very exciting, we have two members that are from professional bands, State of Men and MoonAlice. We have several gifted writers and and accomplished artist not to mention all the hidden talents  our members have not shared yet! I do not really consider it helping I guess.. so much as giving friends a forum to showcase their talents.

Linda: One of the things I always look at before I join a site is how easy it is to get around. How easy would you say your site is to navigate?

Moon: Nothing hard and complicated here! Nope! That’s for sure. I do my best to keep Moonbeam’s fun, easy and light heated! Because the last thing any of us need is more stress!

Linda: Any Final thoughts before we go Moon

Moon:  In this difficult time, it is important to find friendship and support. I hope you will give us a look and help our community grow. Everyone’s opinion and input is vital!

Thank you so much Moon for giving me your time and explaining your new site. I have only been there a short time but in doing so have made a few great friends and enjoy my time there.

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  1. Christine Ramsay Says:

    The site sounds very promising. i might check it out myself. Good work, Linda.


  2. CHAN LEE PENG Says:

    Thanks for this great info, Linda. Worth to check it on.

  3. Glynis Smy Says:

    I clicked the link and noticed it has been taken offline by the owner Linda.
    Thanks for mentioning it anyway.

  4. kate smedley Says:

    Thanks Linda, I couldn’t get the link to work either, will try again.

  5. Jo Oliver Says:

    I will check it out in the AM

  6. Bo Russo Says:

    Linda sounds very cool,and thanks for the invite,I clicked on Moonbeams in the article and it took me to the front page,so it worked fine for me.

  7. lindalulu Says:

    For those of you that had problems with the link, the site was being updated, it works fine now…

  8. Svr Says:

    Great web page, I am on it

  9. Fornis Says:

    A personalized profile page is always helpful to build our brand as a writer or around a community of friends to get some recognition and little time to spend freely without stress.

  10. flipsake Says:

    thanks linda will check it out …

  11. Miss Heda Says:

    great review ill check it out deffiently how could you not after reading this =oD

  12. Fresh Writing Says:

    Great website! I will definitely check it out.

    -Fresh Writing

  13. nutuba Says:

    Thanks Linda, I’ll give it a look!

  14. Juancav Says:

    Nice site,must visit it.

  15. PJA64X Says:

    Moon has worked very hard at developing this site. Join it and be part of something new and good. Philip

  16. Moon Says:

    I just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful comments from everyone. It means a lot to me that you would check out my site! If you ever need anything.. just let me know!
    Thanks again ya’ll!

  17. Joni Keith Says:

    What a beautiful site Moonbeam’s is and you’ve done a wonderful job with this interview.

  18. lindalulu Says:

    Thanks all of you for reading and for joining Moonbeams. I am sure you will enjoy your stay there.

  19. CutestPrincess Says:

    this is so wonderful Linda, i really love this article!

  20. mike Says:

    interesting read..

  21. Ashok Reddy Says:

    thats amazing site linda. Thanks for introducing us!!

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