Creepy, Weird, or Flattering?

Wed, Mar 25, 2009, by Sakuragi

Social Networks

Question for the ladies: If a guy keeps on viewing your profile on a social networking website how would it make you feel?

I posted the above question several months ago in an online discussion. It fetched some pretty amusing answers.

Karin – It would depend on how often he visited it, and if he ever left messages or comments when he did. It’d make me a bit uncomfortable if he visited my profile like 50 times one day, but never sent me a comment or message… like, wtf, what is he doing when he looks at it millions of times? Kinda creepy.

However, if he maybe visits it around 5 to 10 times day, and he normally leaves a comment or sends a message when he did that, then it wouldn’t be bad. At least it seems that he had a purpose to visit my profile.

Nikki – That depends on who the guy is. if it is some person that i have never meet/never heard of id probably be creeped out. if it was a guy from school or around town that i knew and was my age and that i liked i would be flattered. if it was under the circumcisions you listed as long as i have actually met the guy before i wouldn’t mind it. but i don’t have a facebook or myspace.

Sweety – That’s a bit weird! But it’s proved that he wants to keep a track of you, your conversations, messages, etc….and ya one more thing..he is definitely without a girl right now!!
by the way, there’s an option that allows you to hide your visits to someone’s profile, i am sure he definitely knows about it, but i wonder why he has not chosen it!! does he want you to know that he keeps visiting your profile?? hhhmmmm…..girl, u better take care !!! (Obviously,Sweety thinks I’m a girl.)

Megan – If it was a guy I didn’t know, it would scare me. If it is somebody I know, it would definitely give me the idea that he likes me, so it can be both, all depending on the guy. I wouldn’t suggest doing that.

Amy - I used that before to see who was looking at my profile, and the same guy was looking at my profile several times a day. I never met this guy before in my life. I ended up making my profile private.

Amly – Personally for me, I find that it’s okay for him to view me again and again. But I do have fears of he is a psycho or something. If you like her, just ask to get to know her better. Don’t just keep on viewing. :)

Marsha – Its FLATTERING! He probably wants to get you know better so he’s checking out your profile! Don’t get freaked out. Why don’t you ask him about it? (Same with Sweety, she thinks I’m a girl.)

Jenny – Creepy! And Weird! Both!

Pam – The amount it would bother me would depend on the guy.

  •   I don’t know him: the more he visits, the creepier it is.
  •   I know him a little: the more he visits in one day, the creepier it is
  •   I know him very well: the more he visits, the more flattering it is

For all of those, if he’s leaving comments, it becomes less creepy, assuming the comments aren’t “Hey, we’ve never met, let’s go out” or “I’d love to hang your entrails from my oak tree.”

There is no reason that you should be logging in to view someone’s page more than once or twice a day. None. As someone who works and isn’t a teenager, my time is valuable so I don’t log into these sites on a regular basis. If he is, I’d be concerned.

Dee Dee – I think for any woman, if he’s an eye-candy, it would be okay. İf he were average or less than average looking, it would be creepy.

There’s an SNL skit that shows this idea perfectly. An average looking man comes over to a woman in an office and says ‘hello’ and the woman grabs the phone to call security and complain of sexual harassment. Then another man who looks like a buff male model is in his undies and comes over to the same woman and grabs her breast and gives her a compliment and the look on her face is that she’s completely gaga for him.

Even though it’s just a skit, I think it’s kind of true and could apply whether or not you have a facebook or myspace account.

C.J. – If I didn’t know the guy, I’d find it creepy. I would then proceed to make my profile private. If I didn’t like this guy but sort of knew him, I’d still find it weird. It would depend on how much he looks at my profile. If I feel that he is looking at it too much, I would feel uncomfortable and block him.

If I liked this guy and knew this guy I bit, I would feel flattered that he would want to see my profile picture so many times a day. But part of me might be slightly stunned and shocked that this guy is so desperate and has so much free time to be stalking me. No matter what, stalking can be slightly creepy.

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  1. Tena Mosher Says:

    that depends…if it’s my music profile, i would be flattered! if it was a personal page, i might feel stalked! LOL!

  2. papaleng Says:

    a very nice article and let the girls answer.

  3. Kate Smedley Says:

    Really not sure, depends on the guy and whether he is a stranger and what his motives are!! I’ve been stalked in ‘real life’ and it is sickening, so creepy and weird would be my gut reaction.

  4. Darla Beck Says:

    Interesting article. I’m not sure how I’d feel about it. I guess it would depend on who the guy is.

  5. Alina Beck Says:

    I spend a fair bit of time talking to kids about internet safety, so these responses were really interesting for me.

  6. Athlyn Green Says:

    Interesting responses.

  7. Jo Oliver Says:

    Good question. Some responses are a little odd themselves. Who could justify someone looking at their page 50+ times a day. That is odd- no matter what they are doing!

  8. rutherfranc Says:

    “if it was under the CIRCUMSICIONS you listed as long“ – if I`m a stalker I would really be stalking this girl.. thanks for sharing the girls` point of view on this Kay, refreshingly informative..

  9. Ruby Hawk Says:

    My question is why would you have your profile on a social network if you didn’t want anyone to look at it? If it bothers you maybe you should take it off.I don’t mean to be a wet blanket but it is for socializing isn’t it?

  10. monica55 Says:

    I wouldn’t care if he looks at it as long as he doesn’t leave any obscenities and he can’t hurt me.

  11. Kimberly Moore Says:

    Great article! Yes, it all depends! If the guy knows I’m married and he is flirting with me..yeah, I wouldn’t be too happy..

  12. CutestPrincess Says:

    interesting article, as for me, it depends on how many times he visits my profile… maybe he’s interested in my content or he’s interested on me… hhmmm

  13. MMV Abad Says:

    Maybe he just want to talk. Hmmm?

  14. Majic Says:

    Come on girls- What if he doesn’t have the fingers to type his intentions? hehehe!

  15. cleblanc Says:

    if it was a boyfriend or a close friend. it probably wouldnt bug me but if it was somebody i didnt know then it would freak me out.

  16. OhSugar Says:

    Great topic. I am not sure, but I would imagine that it would creep me out. I try really hard to be aware of my surrounding, even on the net.

  17. Mr Ghaz Says:

    Excellent! That is such a interesting piece and beautifully written

  18. Jake O Says:

    Nice article and an interesting topic I have never thought about before.

  19. rizzei Says:

    ..yep right. never thought of asking this to myself coz my acct in social networks are always in invisible mode. haha.:) nice.nice

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