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Has Zuckerberg changed the world with Facebook?

     “We can make it so that you can connect to anything you want. You can share your authentic life online. It is possible to see what is going on around you with the click of a button.” Internet executive Mark Zuckerberg, known as the man who created the wildly popular internet phenomenon Facebook, explains these ideas to the 800 million people who have Facebook, and the millions of people that have yet to try the amazing social network experience. With Mark Zuckerberg’s brilliant creation, he has changed the world by making an easy way for people to connect with each other, share one’s  personal life online, and even help coordinate protests and messages in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Iraq.

      Zuckerberg started his step to world wide modification at Harvard University with a dinky online site called that was used only for online communication between the kids in his dorm. Then more and more people at Harvard started joining the site and it evolved into Later, it expanded and spread all over the world, and transformed into the website we all know and love, The unique appeal of Facebook provides a great way to connect people who already have some personal, professional, or family link to one another in the real world. For example, if an individual wants to find old  friends, or former employers, all he or she needs to do is simply type the name they are looking for in the search box. Then, up pops the profiles under that name, where they live, and their age. Also, when people have relationships in real life, the lines of communication can be left opened even when they are not physically side by side. In fact, Facebook makes interacting with people just as easy as when they are right in front of you, or maybe even a little easier.

      Many individuals love to share their accomplishments, stories, and even sorrow with as many people as possible. There are approximately 45 million Facebook status updates a day. Zuckerberg has created a portal for people to share their thoughts and ideas fluidly and easily. In addition to posting what feelings a user has, they have the option to give their location, where they grew up, and what school they go to. Users can also say what sports they like, what bands they enjoy listening to, plus cite their favorite movies, actors, and television shows. Anything that can possibly be “liked” is on Facebook to be connected to and expressed on any Facebook profile. A major part of this online self expression is the visual standpoint. Pictures and videos are a great way that people share good times with the unmatched details found in images and videos. “Find what makes your heart sing and create your own music.”-Mac Anderson. That music can be found on Facebook courtesy to Mark Zuckerberg.

      Lastly, in the past several years conflict in the Middle East has been an ongoing issue in the world. Social Media has been an important contributor to distributing information and messages to people in the Middle East and users around the globe, and in helping to understand and resolve this conflict. Activists actually created a news group on Facebook called RNN Libya which received over 104,000 members. One Middle Eastern appreciated the affects of social networking so much that he named his newly born child “Facebook.” Many people believe that was crucial to the fall of the Arabic tyrant dictator Ben Ali. Now, the “Yemeni Anger Revolution” (another Facebook group) has almost 20,000 members.  “The impact of of Tunisia and Egypt has reflected on the the youth of Iraq who want to express their political opinions through social communication,” says Channel 4 News. The influence of the internet on young revolutionaries is undeniable. Facebook has  become a very important component in the transferal of information to the populace of the Middle East. Mark Zuckerberg’s device is helping to free people enslaved in the trenches of unjust governments

      Mark Zuckerberg is a genius. He changed the world by using his intelligence and creativity. His $50 billion website speaks for itself by making a simple way to connect to people, share your life online, and help free those enslaved in the politics of the Middle East. “For changing how we all live our lives, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was named Time Person of the Year,” says Stan Schloeder. The next time anyone clicks on, they should remember the magnificent person behind it all.

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