Change Your Facebook Background!! Let Your Friends See It Too!!

Sat, Jan 2, 2010, by dgraphicrookie

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Know how to change your facebook lay-out and share it to friends!! is now one of the most popular social networking sites all across the globe. People can now stay in touch with friends and play fun applications all in one site… when everything seems perfect.. one thing has just been missing: being able to customize the facebook profile with backgrounds and cool lay-outs!

Well, its time to worry no more! The solution for that has finally came and what’s more fun is that you can let your facebook friends ACTUALLY SEE YOUR COOL LAY-OUT!!!

And if you want to remain pure and simple, you can just choose your plain and original facebook lay-out just the way you want it to be…

So, how to change your lay-out? Scroll down below to experience an exciting and creative way to lay-out your facebook profiles!!

Styling Out your facebook is now attainable… through a PageRage.. it is a site which features a plug-in which allows users to style facebook profiles.. to go to PageRage.. just go to:

What’s great with PageRage is that your friends has the option: (1) to view your cool lay-out and install the PageRage Plug-in.. (2) or.. to view the usual plain facebook page…

HOW To Install PageRage..

first, your browser must be Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox..

Then, follow these steps below:

1. Download and install the browser plug-in and just click yes when the browser asks a question…to download the plug-in, just click this Link >> DOWNLOAD PLUG-IN HERE

2. Make sure that you have logged-in your facebook account..

3. Go to and select your lay-out…(the lay-out you want to use)

4. share the plug-in with friends… how to share? its simple… just go to this facebook group… and Invite People to join the group…to invite.. just click this link:

You can also invite friends through here:

NOTE that the more friends that installs the plug-in.. the more friends can view your new facebook lay-out.. no plug-in

means friends cannot view your lay-out…and vice versa..

what’s more great? you can even make your own background… !! Nice!! Isn’t It?

So what are you waiting for? Be hip! Cool! and trendy! Customize your facebook Profiles Now!!!

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