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Sat, Mar 17, 2012, by Jack Rodnessey

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How to promote your article on a website such as reddit.

Reddit is a social bookmarking website that allows its users to share websites, articles, and other useful information with people all over the internet. Similar to Digg, Reddit rates articles thrugh its users by using “upvotes” for submissions of a high quality and “downvotes” for submissons which may be of low quality or spam. This system also allows Reddit to rate its users through a system called Karma. This lets users determine the quality of an indivual’s submissions as well as the quality of the comments that they may leave on articles.

Like many other social book marking tools, the best way to become sucessful at using these website is to become an active member who makes useful contributions. This means that one should not just spam their own articles and websites to Reddit but rather share other interesting websites while leaving useful comments which may add to the discussion which is taking place. It is also suggested that one makes their own subreddit community for special interests to bring together like minded Reddit users.

Reddit is divided into smaller communities called subreddits. These smaller communities tend to focus on niched interests as the relate to the internet, they may point out the more interesting subreddits which may have gone un-noticed, or they may be about topics which are considered to be some form of “taboo” in society. The point being made is that no matter what the subject of the article / interest that you are promoting; there will always be someone else who will be interested in what you have to share.

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    yeah, I agree with u

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    great to know. thanks

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    Good advice, you have to be involved in order to get results.

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    is reddit effective as digg?

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    Interesting, I have never heard of this site before.

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    I still have to use the site. I think I signed up for it but did not do anything after that.

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    cheers – one i’ll certainly look at asap

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