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Sat, Jul 17, 2010, by sacrg793

Social Networks is a very good site for people who are looking for workers and earn extra money, from my experience, I’ve anaylized the pros and cons of this site and give you an onbjective review of this site.

Overview is a site pays you to complete small tasks. I’ve been working on this site for more than half a year and earned more than 200 dollars. Employers post tasks and workers earn money by completing the tasks, the site earns between them. The minimum payout is 9 dollars and the payout twice a month. You can receive money by paypal, moneybookers and checks. Of course you can spend your money on posting tasks. There are specific guidelines about posting tasks and they review every task. For example, you cannot post 0.1 dollar per task for registration and make one post. I’ve got one task rejected, so from the perspective of protecting workers, they are really good. They state that they never allow tasks with same content, but they do, it leaves space for spams. The tasks range from writing an article (usually 2 dollars per article) to simple registration. It is nice source of income for workers who have some basic skills, almost everyone can do it.

About pin

The pin is a crucial step to process your payment, so it is a big difference compared with other same walk of sites. They will send your pin number in a letter to your mailing address, so before signing up, be sure to get your address right. You can never edit your address after signing up, so be serious about it. I’ve never tried to put the address in my native language, but i think as long as you put your country right, you will get your letter. It takes about two weeks to one month to get your pin. I have got some problem with the pin and I’ve contact them on facebook. After a couple of posts, they answered my question. 


As i have said above, it seems they are always busy and tardy in responding your request. I wanted to change my address, after two weeks of constant posts on facebook, they replied. I’ve also tried to send them email, but they never respond. This is big problem and I think they should improve it.

About the tasks

The tasks can be categorized into three: first is SEO related: it requires you to write an article and include a link of a certain product, of course you should have a site with pr 1 or higher. It accounts for half of tasks available and if you have your own blog, tasks are easy to complete and reach payment threshhold. There are tasks require you to get a backlink from certain forum or blog, most of which by posting relevant posts; Some article writing tasks: require you to post articles on a certain topic (usually no less than 350 words, price ranges from 1.5 to 2 dollars).  CPA tasks: for example, simple registration, insurance quotes, fill out forms, etc. However, there are huge differences between American and international workers: you can finish a USA only task in two minutes and get 2 dollars, but you only earn 0.1 dollar for the tasks using same amount of time for international workers. So American workers can take a good advantage of the site. You have to make sure that you can complete your task and submit, fake information is not approved and if your success rate falls below 75%, you will not be able to do tasks in the site. So when you are looking for tasks, find ones with high success rate.

Pros and cons

Pros: It is a really good source of income for people who want to make some money, the tasks are accessible to everyone. No really good skills required.
Cons: slow response, annoying PIN verification. In all, this site is worthwhile to do.

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