Advantage and Disadvantage of Facebook

Fri, Feb 4, 2011, by Joshane Kelsy

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As we are aware of the most popular social website named facebook but there is cold war between the advantage and disadvantage of facebook.
So, here is an brief discuss on the advantage and disadvantage of facecook.

FACEBOOK- A very popular social networking website taking on the community of people globally. Facebook is now a days very popular among the people due to its authentic stability and the features which help then connect to their know one’s. Its not only the matter of know one’s people on facebook are trying to explore the world by meeting new people. As the facebook has gained much popularity it is also been used as an publicity system as it allows its user to make ad campaigns and make their own communities. Thus, summing up the whole we can tabulate following advantages and disadvantages of Facebook :


->Allows user search for new and old friends 
->Accessible to chosen universities having a high level of security. 
->Makes it less awkward when communicating with strangers. 
->Love attraction – can be used as a dating service system. 
->Makes it easier to join groups having similar likes and dislikes. 
->Allows the people to publicize their business.

Since in the world nothing is 100% efficient, it has some drawbacks too.


->Weakening long distance relationship 
->Unsupported by physical adjacency 
->Contributes wide-range procrastination 
->Rampant addiction 
->Stalking is possible 
->Acquaintances be labeled as friends.
->May lead to disputes between couples due to over possessiveness 

Despite the above mentioned advantages and disadvantages of an online networking service, it still is gaining demand and popularity among the young crowd. People are loving to be there.There are about 10,000 students (professionals and young professionals not yet included) who are joining into Facebook every day. This is regardless of the age, race and country. Some are now trying to criticize the status of professionalism of this site whether it’s just another fad like other online networking services are.

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