20 Free Bingo Blitz Credits on Face Book

Wed, Mar 16, 2011, by Dale Walker

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20 Free Credits in Bingo Blitz to celebrate the luck of the Irish.

Is it luck of the Irish or the crazy balls of Bingo Blitz? The newest Bingo game on Face book has taken the Bingo Community by storm. To help celebrate the worlds all time favourite day, lucky shamrocks are popping up all over the Bingo Blitz platform. Shamrocks are classified lucky power ups giving users the opportunity to collect more coins, gain more points and of course, call more Bingo’s! All though they can be very hard to obtain as we rely on our team mates and very expensive to purchase, 10  Face book credits,  they are a very useful and an intriguing addition to the Bingo game. The luck of the Irish is only around until March 18th so here is an additional 20 FREE CREDITS to get you started. Happy St Patricks day to one and all and good luck in the one and only, Bingo Blitz

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  1. rappeter13 Says:

    Impressive one.

  2. juney Says:

    goodone best of irish luck

  3. claudette bouchard Says:

    march 21 took my credits and would not let me play 4 x 4

  4. westttt23 Says:

    You can learn poker, chat with your friends, discuss your game with other players and begin your poker career, risk free, with the free $50 starting capital!

  5. linda crone Says:

    I have never enjoyed any bingo game as much as I do bingo blitz but can’t afford to buy credits so this is such a nice thing to be able to do to get free credits as I’m sure many other people like myself can’t afford to buy them either

  6. jeannie Says:

    omg my bingo blitz just disappeared on my face book that’s weared

  7. Karen Says:

    Bingo Blitz disappeared off my Facebook as well. I had just bought 50 credits on my credit card…..not very happy.

  8. KarenMMc Says:

    Bingo Blitz disappeared off my Facebook as well. I had just bought 50 credits on my credit card…..not very happy.

  9. roxanne Says:

    bingo blitz seems to be gone. what is going on?

  10. bevcurrie Says:

    bingo bliitz left my home page i cant get in whats up with that???

  11. marianne pedersen Says:

    its overall its away apearly iám from denmark and i played every day

  12. Tiffany Says:

    I think that the game was just a away to get money and like Karen said she just bought 50 credits and it went missing just think about it was just away to take peoples money…But i did like the game got on it everyday!

  13. marianne pedersen Says:

    it is working again now and i have already played good luck ps i have paid many times and not before it was gone so i do not think it have something with that to do! Good evening ;0)

  14. Tammy Alexander Says:

    i love this game it is addicting however i think while your playing bingo there should be a part to the power packs that when you click on it you instantly win credits.. i have already purchased credits and lost them some how.. :( pretty sad about that but i think there she be another way to win credits.. like the instant stars have and instant credits

  15. mablan Says:

    the credits are gone in no time.don’t have a chance to go ahead

  16. Missy Duncan Says:

    I ove Bingo Blitz every day come join all of us

  17. eunice Says:

    i play this game each and every day is my best time of the day to relax meet new people and have fun.

  18. Debbie McElhiney Says:

    i don’t understand how we are supposed to get the credits you offered.

  19. Debbie McElhiney Says:

    I think Bingo blitz is the best game on facebook I play it everyday, I’d play a lot longer if I had more blue tokens. I’d play this game all day. It helps me relax after avery stressful day.

  20. jazzy Says:

    i love this game


  21. kathleen marchionda Says:

    I just love this game!!!

  22. gerrie janssen Says:

    i love this game its very nice to play

  23. toyiia Says:

    he kind of cute

  24. lauren theresa clark Says:

    cool deal !
    i need free credits please ?
    i’m a super blitz playi’n addict !! please get me free credits so i can play!! thank you !!

  25. ginny fields Says:

    i play this game alot.. would love some free credits

  26. Kay Harden Says:

    I love to play Bingo Blitz

  27. dawn Says:

    i need credits….lol

  28. GsmWeb Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Here’s how I get free Facebook Credits. It’s free & legit. Check it out :)


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