20 Annoying Types of Facebook Friends

Sun, Mar 14, 2010, by Jennifer Marre

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Anyone with a FaceBook account, which these days is almost everyone with an internet connection, has undoubtedly run across most of these annoying FaceBook users.

Anyone with a FaceBook account, which these days is almost everyone with an internet connection, has undoubtedly run across most of these annoying FaceBook users.

1. The FarmViller. This type of FaceBook user spends their entire day on FaceBook spamming their friends newsfeeds with pointless FarmVille posts.

2. The Chronic Inviter. These are the people who send requests to every one of their friends for every app, event, group, and fan page they come across.

3. The Friend Whore. These people have hundreds of friends that they’ve never even met or talked to. They usually troll groups and fan pages to find new people to boost their friend count.

4. The Friend-Every-One-I’ve-Ever-Met Guy. Similar to the Friend Whore, these are the people who add anyone that seems kind of familiar. They are the people who hated you in high school, but send you a FaceBook friend request out of the blue or the guy you just met at that party last weekend and talked to for all of two minutes.

5. The Photo Copier. When you post a new photo, only to see one of your friends later post a similar photo of themselves, complete with similar outfit, pose, and camera angle, you have encountered the Photo Copier.

6. The Joint Profile Couple. This is the couple who has created a profile to include both of them. This may or may not be in addition to their own individual profiles, but they tend to use their couple profile most. Instead of retaining their individuality in a relationship, they fuse together into one super annoying being. This is especially annoying because you have no idea if you are talking to your friend or their gf/bf, not that it really matters anymore, as they have essentially become the same person anyway.

6. The Lyricist. Because these people have no original thoughts of their own, every one of their status updates is nothing more than the lyrics of some song. Usually the song used is whatever horribly annoying pop song is popular on the radio that particular week.

7. The Privacy Hypocrite. These FaceBook users complain about the lack of privacy on FaceBook, but post every detail of their life, from what they had for breakfast two years ago to their social security number.

8. The Privacy Prioritizer. They refuse to post their religious and political views in their profile (instead saying something about how it’s no ones business instead of leaving those fields blank), but think nothing of posting their phone number, home address, and credit card information for everyone in their network to see.

9. The Constant Updater. These are the ones who post every minute detail of their lives as status updates. They genuinely think that their friends want to know when they wake up, go to bed, eat, and go to the bathroom. They also make sure to warn their friends if they are going to be away from FaceBook for more than ten seconds, just so no one worries if it takes a whole minute for them to reply.

10. The Political Activist. The Political Activist uses their status updates to attempt to sway the opinions of their FaceBook friends. They don’t realize that the average FaceBook user won’t leave FarmVille long enough to vote anyway.

11. The Fangirl. The Fangirl becomes a fan of at least 536753 pages everyday.

12. The Persistent Friender. These are the people who, after you ignore their friend request (or delete them from your friends), insist on sending another friend request. The idea that someone might not want to be friends with them is a little too complex for these simple beings.

13. The Liker. These people “like” every status update their friends post, but rarely post a comment about why they liked it.

14. The Self-Promoter. Every one of the Self-Promoter’s status updates is a link to their website, blog, eBay auctions, etc.

15. The Illiterate. The Illiterate can’t type an intelligible status update to save their life. They may type in L337, or simply misspell every word because they are too lazy to try to make themselves look halfway intelligent.

16. The Emo. The Emo uses their status updates to let the world know how much their lives suck. They may or may not fit the high school “emo” stereotype.

17. The Jesus Freak. These people mention their love for Jesus or God in every status update, seemingly oblivious to the fact that others may have differing religious views.

18. The Cartoon Character. These people are so ugly that they have to use a picture of a cartoon character (or occasionally, another type of TV or video game character) as their profile picture, least they break their friends computer screens upon logging in. The most common type of character used is a Pokemon.

19. The “It’s Complicated” Guy. Maybe if these people spent less time on FaceBook, they’d actually know if they are in a relationship or not and wouldn’t have to use “it’s complicated” as their relationship status.

20. The Not-Actually-Married Couple. These are the people who are listed as married to someone on FaceBook, even though they aren’t in real life. The “married” couple might not even be in a relationship with each other (for example two straight single girls might think it’s funny to say they are married because they are such damn close friends).

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  1. Haseeb Aslam Says:

    Jennifer…I totally agree with you…:)

  2. Stan Wilson Says:

    hummm have to say you are right, now which one am I

  3. Darla Beck Says:

    Very interesting article.

  4. princess serenity Says:

    It depends on your personality. If you are playing farmville then it’s ok. I think you have the option to block updates from a particular game.

    Well this is what democracy in facebook brings:D

  5. Melanie Cossey Says:

    I think I have at least one of every person you’ve mentioned on here, and I also display some of these traits, “the promoter and the constant updater” although not so bad as to put BRB as my status, lol.

    There’s one here you didn’t mention that bugs me, and that would be the “cryptic.” People who post things like “OMG I can’t believe what just happened to me!” and then provide no details at all! These people drive me nuts. If you are are going to spill, spill, if not, keep it to yourself!

  6. Ryan Says:

    I’m so posting a link to this on Facebook!

  7. tenraj Says:

    nice article.. follow following link to know all facebook keyboard shortcuts

  8. Lisa Says:

    For someone insulting the entire community of FB how do you know all of these people even exist ? I NEVER even encountered three quarters of them . Seem to be consorting with the same type of people you despise if you know them that well that you can pigeon hole them into a “type.”

    Oh by the way , I guess I am the one that morphs into ONE with my husband on our facebook . Why ? because I really don’t care enough to go make one of my own and he uses his for an online game that requires it . Yep , we are ONE , jealous much ?

  9. Mar Says:

    You forgot: the alcoholics that are SO cool(w/our doing a shot, or holding a beer or glass of wine as their profile pics)…that are in their early 40s& never grew up. Insecure much? This pertains to women, too. Generally the attention whore-seeking “sorority-sisters” group hug photo wenches I grew tired of,&..deleted. Haha.

    Also-the dumbass posters who tYpE LiKe thIs, thinking they’re the ’shhiznit’& that their insecure, graffiti styled typing is going to make them cool & B.F.F.S w/Snoop dog. It’s irritating,&an eyesore& I HATE it! Particularly if you’re over 30! Grow up, you morons.

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