10 Fun Applications You Must Add in Facebook

Thu, Jun 19, 2008, by Sydney Hazelton

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There are many applications in Facebook, but these are my personal favorites.

Cute Catz

For the cat lovers, this is a fun application for you. At Cute Catz, you get to adopt a pet cat. There is a range of cats for you to choose from. You can name it. Subsequently, with the points that you have, you get to feed it and play with it. You can also train your cat and receive awards. You can also send it for competitions and get more points if your cat wins. To get more points, you are also encouraged to cuddle or hug your friends’ cats. While I was away on holiday, my friends fed and played with my cat. How nice of them! If not for them, my cat would have starved to death.

(Lil) Green Patch

This is an application where you get to send plants to your friends. The more plants you send, the more rainforest you get to save. Unfortunately, this is only done virtually. At the same time, you have to take care of your green patch by watering it, pulling out the weeds, and getting rid of pests. For you to do these tasks, you need to buy some equipment such as a hose or a pair of gloves with the points that you have. Some people may see this application as spam, but I only send plants to friends who have this application. A fun application for “green” people!


This is a must-install application for all Facebook members. You get to do erm.. “stuff” to your friends. And they will most likely do that to you. You can hug, tickle, poke, or These are normal things. But here are some of the strange things you can do to your friends. You can throw a sheep at your friends or even toilet paper them. For me, I like to send birthday wishes with Superpoke to my friends.


For all Triond writers who have a Facebook account, you must install this application. Your recent work will be published in your Profile page under the Triond application section. Subsequently, you can post your work in your profile or send it to your friends to greater exposure and higher page views. But be careful with it. My Facebook account was almost suspended once when they thought I was sending out spam to my friends.

FunWall or SuperWall

At FunWall or SuperWall, you can send comments, pictures, videos or greeting cards. You can even write a graffiti on your friends FunWall. So you can share you favorite funny pictures or videos to your friends to brighten their day!

Louis Vuitton

This is another fun application. Who says you get a Louis Vuitton bag? Now you can own one, virtually though. Be it a handbag or a wallet, you can send it to your friends and hopefully your friends will return the favor and send you a handbag from their latest collection.A fun application for Louis Vuitton fans!

Ben & Jerry’s

This is the ultimate application for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream lovers! You can send and receive Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to and from your friends. You can have all the delicious flavors such as Chunky Monkey, Cookie Dough and Bohemian Raspberry. My favorites! And you can have all these without the guilt or the calories!

Hatching Eggs

I kinda like this application. You get to give and receive a hatching egg. The fun part is that you have to wait for four days before your egg hatches to reveal the gift. So far, I have received a penguin, hummingbirds, and even an angel.


Here is an application where you can give and receive gifts such as Oreo cookies, cupcakes, birthday balloons, ice cream sundae, kisses, and even a sailboat. There are many categories to choose from such as Food, Drinks, Love, Animals, Toys and Special Occasion greetings.

My Fun Cards

In this application, you can send tons of eCards to your friends for every occasion. You can send them a birthday card, a best wishes card or even a card for festive seasons. You can also create your own special occasion. There are 1,500 cards to choose from. This application claims to have 1.5 million members! That’s awesome.

So, get addicted and have fun with these applications in Facebook!

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