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Sat, Nov 8, 2008, by BC Doan

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Your best chance of getting views for your article is being a part of the community, stumble other articles, and be selfless.

We all could use more information about bookmarking websites, such as how it works, how to get more views for our articles, and the secrets of success.

Though I have read many articles written about Stumble Upon, I am very sure there is no one definite way to achieve the desired views. However, learning from the pro is never hurt. Everyone experiences different result, and draws his/her own conclusions.

28 Tips to Make You a Stumble Upon Superstar

This is a great article about Stumble Upon, and offers 28 tips from the having an avatar to becoming a superstar stumbler! If you are new to Stumble Upon, then this site is for you! Here are some highlights that I learned from this post.

  • Make your avatar stands out
  • Concentrate on quality
  • Market your brand
  • Don’t only stumble your own stuff
  • Chose your topic carefully

Five Power Tips for Stumble Upon Users

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This article covers five different areas on Stumble Upon: analyze friends, tags, review friends’ profiles, stumble your friends’ favorites, and stumble through tags. You will learn how to correct the wrong tags to get better result, as well as removing inactive friends.

65 Must Read Stumble Upon Articles

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Read this post when you have lots of free time! Just as the title said, there are 65 articles about Stumble Upon! This post has an incredible collection of articles discussing from getting traffic, to build super links and traffic with Stumble Upon.

No matter what stage you are at with Stumble Upon, this post can get you start it, and helpful for everyone.

Beginners Guide to Get Massive Traffic from Stumble Upon

If Stumble Upon is your favorite social bookmarking site, then read this article. The author gives many helpful tips on how to tailor your content so it can get indexed by Stumble Upon engine, and thus exposing your article to users. There are tricks and tactics in this post.

Kick Stumble Upon’s Ass (A Mini Guide to Stumble Upon)

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This article explains a bit about Stumble Upon, and what Stumble Upon is all about. The author covers these six areas below:

  • Stumble Upon is personal to personal
  • Discover and tumble everyday
  • Find Similar Stumble Upon users
  • Appreciate other Stumble Upon users
  • Article topics and headlines
  • Simplicity and traffic

You now have more resources about Stumble Upon. Read up, and be a Stumble Upon star! It’s said that with only two to three thumbs up on Stumble Upon, you can get from 300 to 1000 views. I really doubt the numbers though, since they do not reflect what were in my dash board!

Most importantly, enjoying being a part of the community, be selfless, stumble other articles, and brush up on these tips to avoid being marked as a spammer.

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    Me? I have been using SU since 2008, thanks to Nobert. It helped me with most of my views, I was spammed and didn’t realize that I became a spammer myself… thanks to Debra Mann. She had pointed out to me gently. I had been careful since that day.

    Through SU I realized people in the net are not robots (told you back then, I was always naive of things) I had friends and sadly some of these friends broke my heart that I had to delete my site to start over again… including my name. Sad.. sad story. My point here for your readers, be careful in using and making friends in SU. Enjoyed this article once again BC. Thank you for your support and for being a true friend.

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