Reddit’s Five Finest N S F W Subreddits

Sat, Aug 20, 2011, by Jack Rodnessey

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Just because something is labeled NSFW, that does not make it porn.

DISCLAIMER: The links in this article have been deemed to be “NSFW” if you are at work or in a public place it is recommended that you look at safer Porn instead. Click Here For SFW Porn.

Not safe for work (herein NSFW) is a term that is regularly found on the internet to warn you that what you are about to see might not be appreciated by your boss. Of course that does not make the web immune to such material in fact this stuff is what the internet was built upon. As will be seen, like any other website Reddit approves of the NSFW culture. Observe:

1. r/treeporn

For proof that sex is a gift of GOD that he wanted you to use generously look no further than r/treeporn. Yes, he is in fact telling you that the sole reason of creation was to endlessly celebrate life. Of course there are those who will say that this is an attempt by the devil to tempt humanity. I think we will stop here before those people decide to mention that in the comments.

2. r/happygirls

So were going to start of simple by telling you straight what it is, no porn or sexual acts here. Only female nudity in its finest. As you can see so far nothing wrong with this and there are cute smiling females. Before you all start screaming female abuse don’t blame this article blame the internet. Also, if the females in this did not want to be photographed do you think they would smile?

3. r/yiff
(DISCLAIMER: r/yiff is not a complete or accurate view of the entire furry fandom…)

Yes, I will admit it that this article was eventually going to lead to actual porn. Note that there is no porn in this article but rather links too more links which may eventually lead to porn. Out of respect for those who like to maintain their faith in humanity this is of the furry variety.

4. r/rule34
So this subreddit is kind of hard to describe so I will let the subreddit itself describe what it is:

      Subreddit Guidelines

  • There is porn of it. No exceptions.

  • If you make a request no one can fulfill, YOU MUST CREATE IT YOURSELF.

  • We take our work seriously. Please contact us should you find our standards lacking.

  • If this is your first night in r/rule34, you have to fap.

So internet + interactivity = nights of endless fun, no surprise here so move along to the next one.

5. r/clopclop

So in all honesty NSFW doesn’t always point to porn, pron, furrys or the odd female. In situations such as is presented by r/clopclop it may actually point to something that is a bit “cute” once you can get over the “creepy” factor. Other than that I would say that this is another fine article to be written and we now return you to your regularly scheduled episode of My Little Pony.

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