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Sun, Jun 1, 2008, by ReRe


A guide for online anime DVD rentals.

Anime is very popular in the USA now, I love anime as well. The renting of DVDs online has been huge over the years, and I love watching movies all of the time, that’s why I do DVDs online rentals because if you like watching a whole lot of movies like I do, you will find out that it is much more cheaper to rent DVDs online. Now on with Anime rentals. I have been looking for a rental site that specialized in anime, now don’t get me wrong and has good anime selections, but their library are quite small. I have come across three outstanding sites that specialized in the rental of anime.


Rent Anime has a nice collection of anime, but the navigation of their website can use a little work. They have Hentai and you can buy from their sister site store at a 10% discount.

Manga Takeout or Anime Takeout

I will go with because you can rent both anime and manga the only problem with this website is that there is no hentai at all, but still the fact that this is the only site online that you can rent manga is a BIG PLUS! I like reading mangas, and they offer different plans as well, I think you can go as far as renting up to 10 manga/DVDs out at a time.


This is the BEST anime online rental site that is out right now. First off they have the biggest anime collections than the other two sites, second you can also rent live-action Asian movies as well, third you can also rent anime and video game soundtracks (This is nice). And finally they also have a store as well and you get a 15% discount. They also have adult rated materials as well.

The first two websites are good, but if you are a hard-core anime fan go with Animelane.

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  1. Siltori A. Says:

    Sweet the info is really helpful!

  2. Patience Combs Says:

    I just was looking for a site to buy DVDs. But then I came across rentanime and thought that I would look for more out there. Then your info came across. I will go with animelane. Thank you. I appreciate the info

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