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This article will teach you some ways which can be used by you to recharge your mobile with your paypal balance.

What is paypal?


If you are no aware about paypal then it is a payment processor which is under the Control of Ebay and it is used by many websites for trade and exchange of goods and money. If you have got some money in your paypal account then it can be very useful for you.

The advantage of recharging your mobile online

Many of us don’t have the time to go out and recharge our mobile by filling up our prepaid card. if this is the case with you then you can recharge your mobile prepaid card by just using your computer and your credit card. It is very convenient for a person to sit in the comfort of his home and get his mobile recharged.

How does this work?

This can be done by either of the two ways:

Using your existing paypal balance

If you already have a paypal account and if you have got a few dollars in your account then this will be very easy for you. I have listed a few sites below which can be used by you for filling your prepaid mobile balance. All you need to do is just send your paypal money to the website owner and he will recharge your mobile for you.

Using your credit card

You can also use your credit card for the purpose of recharging your mobile phone balance. You need to link your credit card with paypal and transfer some of your balance to your paypal account and then use any of the websites listed below to get your mobile balance recharged.

Mobile recharging websites which use paypal:

Here are a few websites which can be used by you to recharge your mobile balance online:

Powered by Zen Cart :: The Art of E-Commerce

This is a website for only Indian users and people only who use an Indian mobile service provider and other Indian DTH service companies can use this website. The websites supports the following companies: Airtel Mobile GSM, Vodafone or Hutch Mobile GSM, Idea Mobile GSM, MTNL (Trump) Delhi, BSNL, Loop Mobile & Virgin. Reliance Mobile & Tata Indicom Mobile.  Tata Sky Recharge Coupons, Dish TV Recharge Coupons are available.


If you are using Vodafone Italy or Vodafone Australia then you can use your paypal account to get your mobile recharged for free.  It works in a very simple manner, if you are using either of those two all you need to do is register at and then send a payment to the Vodafone paypal id. Once they receive your payment they will send you a unique using SMS or e-mail and then you can recharge your mobile balance.

Telstra logo

This is also another Australian website which is only accessible for Australians. This is a website which can not only be used for mobile prepaid recharge but also for many other purposes. To recharge the prepaid mobile balance a person can use any of the following: credit card, cheque, BPAY, vouchers and cards, Credit Me2U and paypal.

Go to Optus homepage

A person can use this website to get his mobile phone balance recharged. They offer the following ways to recharge your mobile balance: credit card and paypal. 

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