Is It Just Me, or The Whole Triond Has Been Cold for The Past Three Days

Thu, Sep 13, 2012, by Kai Vicky


Did Triond had some problem?

Is it just me, or the whole Triond has been Cold for the past Three Days

Yesterday, I published no articles. Even after that, I was getting nice amount of views as usual and also many comments to say the least. But then when I sat to read other articles, I found that there were only few of them, say about 20-25. On usual basis, it would have been 50-60 daily (out of which some are daily waste). So that was quite surprising. In the start I thought, “May be U.S is up to something I reckon. (For 30% of my total viewers are from U.S) They don’t seem to be quite in a mood to publish today.” Even today, I have seen only few articles being published.

Second thing noticeable was my views. As per Indian standard timing (calculate it later as per your convenience), I yesterday last viewed Triond at 10 pm. I had 18 comments and 350 views, and then I slept. When I woke up in middle of the night at 3.30, I once again viewed my Triond dashboard. WHAT THE HELL! Just 15 view more! How can this be? And once again at 6, my views got stuck at 396 for 4 hours. Quite mind raveling for me.

At the very moment while I was typing this, I had 310 views. At normal basis, I would have had 400 views by now. And if I say about articles, my ‘news feed’ column would have been filled a lot. I lasted viewed my account 4 hours ago, and even by now, not a single article has been published after the last I viewed. Today it’s 12th September, and around 4 pm as per my timing, articles are coming again, like flowing water from a dam which has its gates open. So I don’t know whether you, the Triond users, have had a wonderful day, or perhaps a day like mine. If you did have had similar experience, do share to me.

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  1. norlaw Says:

    There is something wrong on Triond. I have articles in pending that have been there for 4 days. Also everytime I try to view your articles I get a 404 error that the article is not found. I keep trying and after 3 or 4 times I finally get the article. It is not just your articles but everyones. My views have droped to nothing and there are basically no comments. It is not just you. Thanks for the share.

  2. Uma Shankari Says:

    Oh, come on! Don’t expect any particular pattern; so long as some minimum activity is going on, it is fine. There are days when for no reason the views spike up. Just count your blessings.

  3. gaby7 Says:

    For two days now my all aticles are pending! I have discovered there are many in my situation, such snags make people cold here!

  4. Emancipation Says:

    Triond is slow to publish last few days. Also whilst for me, views have maintained and increased on some, the pay has took such a drastic dip against the number of views. Something is happening but do not expect an answer from Triond. They will never reveal themselves or offer transparency.

  5. Jswana Says:

    It must have been a tad frigid. Many of us were waiting for our articles to get published which zapped me of my motivation. I didn’t even seen your articles…..I didn’t come to the Computer as often. But yes, I felt like it was a tomb for a while. But those are life’s ups and downs. I have some articles doing well, so I don’t complain much. Thanks for your observations. But Lawrence is right too. Even the articles I was trying to critique were jumping around, then claiming errors. A mess. I’m tired just thinking and of course I do go on. :)

  6. elee Says:

    So very interesting indeed. and thanks for sharing this great article brilliant display of knowledge : :)

  7. Robin L Says:

    I had articles pending for a couple of days and it seems many people had the same problem. But it looks like everything is back to normal again. I will say with no articles being published, I did less on here than normal and so did many people because my views were down too….Now today, they are way up which is great to see:)

  8. Jasonwriter Says:

    I’ve found the Triond community slow too. I don’t know why though. 33% of my views are from China, 33% are from the US and 33% are from France

  9. sourabhbodkhe Says:

    i had also experienced the same..

  10. Hamayal Says:

    haha that’s because i did not publish any article:)

  11. smokychristine Says:

    I found this to be true also.

  12. Eunike Says:

    My article was pending for two days — this is quite unusual.

  13. Sustainable Living Says:

    My views have been down too. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Molly Girl 822 Says:

    I noticed the same thing. Hard on one’s confidence I must say.

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