Get Creative: 10 Fun Websites to Create Your Free Avatar

Fri, Mar 28, 2008, by Sydney Hazelton


An avatar is a graphical representation of yourself. It can be a cartoon, an image, a photo, an animal or an object. You can use them at Instant Messengers, forums, discussion boards, blogs, websites and even cell phones. They can also be used at chat rooms and virtual reality games online. But the most fun ones are the ones that create a cartoon or an image which you can customize. You can customize its looks, clothes and backgrounds.

For people who are shy to reveal their true self to the public, avatar poses as an alternative to a picture. Avatar is also a creative avenue to invent different characters to depict yourself. Avatar is also something fun for those bored people out there with nothing much to do.

Here are 10 fun avatar maker websites for you to explore.


This website allows you to create avatars looking like Japanese cartoons, with big eyes and small body. You can customize most features including facial features, clothes and background. You can even add kids or pets to your avatar.

The avatar is great for your blog and very easy to use. Once created, you just need to right-click and save the picture. You just need to acknowledge the creator at your blog.


Here you can create a 3D animated avatar, either male or female. Your avatar can be created based on themes such as styles, music, boutique, sports, lifestyle or holidays.

You could use Meez avatars at AIM, store them at Photobucket or your cell phones. You just need to register to use the avatars.


You can create a Barbie-like cartoon avatar at Pimp My Doll. Here you can create your avatar step-by-step. The image will be shown immediately and you can change till you’re satisfied before moving onto the next step.

After you have completed creating your avatar, you could save the GIF file instantly.


DoppleMe is a website which allows you to create avatars to be used in forums, Instant Messengers, blogs and almost anywhere else on the web.

It does not require flash, ActiveX controls, downloads or toolbars. It is quick and easy to use. The website allows you to save your avatars too.


If you already have a Yahoo! mail, you can use Yahoo! Avatars to create an avatar to be used in any Yahoo! services including Yahoo! messenger, Yahoo! Games, Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! Music Engine, Yahoo! Podcasts, Yahoo! Answers, and Yahoo! Trip Planner. It has a very comprehensive range of facial features, clothes, accessories and background to choose from. It even has a section for different lifestyles.

The avatars are cartoon-like and they blink at you everytime you log into your Yahoo! account. So cute! You must try it, you’ll get hooked!


For those who believe in horoscope, you can create an avatar at Horoscope Avatar Maker and insert a widget at your website or blog.

Your avatar will be accompanied with your horoscope and are updated daily.


Here you can create a princess avatar. It makes you feel like you came out of a Disney movie with castle and all. There are many gowns and dresses to choose from, including extensive range of accessories such as gloves, crown and necklace.

You can save the doll and use the HTML code for MySpace profiles or forums and pages.


There are avatars for male (dude) and female (dollz) that you can create. Although there are not many choices in terms of clothing and facial features but it allows you to create the avatar in different combinations quickly, making it quite addictive.

You can use them for Instant Messengers, forums, discussion boards, blogs, wallpaper, and mobile/cellphone background.


Avatars created at Doll Maker Code can be used at forums, blogs, Instant Messengers, personal websites, and even cell phones.

You can print, save or email the created avatars. It’s a very easy-to-use website.


Here you can create funny-looking cartoon character. The main features that makes an avatar a hilarious one is the jaws, eyes and ears.

After creating your funny avatar, you can either print, save or e-mail them.

What are you waiting for? Try the avatar makers and create multiple personalities for yourself. It’s really addictive!

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  1. IcyCucky Says:

    Useful list..I will try this out for fun..

  2. khaliah Says:

    i think thaty these web sites would be a very good help to my search thanku a lot hey go to its great


  3. TimZ Says:

    I know how to create a gif avatar from video.
    All that you need is GeoVid Video Avatar
    Very usefull and simple tool.

  4. Kylie ky ky Says:

    There needs to be more. Some of them are confusing to figure out. Meez is probably the best one.

  5. nicole Says:

    Yeah whatever.
    Next time tell us what kind of websites there are and not tell us how to save it.
    Oh and uhh,are there any websites to create an avatar for free for kids and not teens?

  6. Yasmin Says:

    These sites actually dont help my problem!!!!! I am looking for sites that DONT ask my email number!!! Anyone want to help me???

  7. Yasmin Says:

    Yeaa,i agree with nicole!!!

  8. mahogany Says:

    i agree with nicole and yasmin

  9. dark knight penguin Says:


  10. kristinangel Says:

    these websites dont realy help

  11. rocky Says:

    why do you have to have a e-mail address

  12. Friendly Says:

    Hey, um these sites are okay…..Meez is probably the best one. But I have to say is the best site in the world. So you should put as one of them. just take out mess dudez! ok well bye

  13. Essence Says:

    yea hey um thx 4 the advice but i now most of these and people when you go on meez if you like it add me flygirlnodoubt o yea check out this website or there fun
    ~!HALA AT YA GRL!~

  14. yasmeen Says:

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  15. tamara Says:

    uhhhh? non of theses worked sorry!!

  16. kiara Says:

    will this be fun. But any way i am so nerves to enter

  17. Roxy Says:

    There is other websites called: Fashion fantasy, then there’s but my 2 favorites are and if you are wondering which one i am at meez, i am firemeg4, missthang365, and peace4. add me.

  18. gabby Says:

    meez is tha best website ever if u want to be my friend my username is xoxogabbybooxoxo

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    like it….thanx

  23. Rissuh Says:

    i’ve been on meez 4 eva and itz tha bestest! add me on meez. my name is jacobs_lil_emo_ ^.^

  24. Tierra Says:

    yea i love it is the bestest site ever my be a lil confussing at first but its cool if you go there add me its sexynarutogirls26 n tell me u say this. PICE OUT PEPS!!!

  25. andrea Says:

    and how do u create a free avatar lololololololololololololololol
    :D very funny right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. **Julia** Says:

    I have a meez avatar its:lotta_01 i love this website>!

  27. unknown Says:

    check out
    IOt is so awesome! So is this website

  28. Kearra Says:

    the 1 i like da most iz meez sect da fact i dint get 2 make it itz co0ol!

  29. Habbo Says:

    You create your avatar and to any thing else

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    just give what i want…
    not like this!!!

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  32. Jane Says:

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  33. ashley Says:

    all these sites SUCK you all should try out

    add me as a friend just make one go up to search and find Devil_
    that is my screen name.

  34. derrick Says:

    i love avartar

  35. james Says:

    wow koolz

  36. Wimpy Lightninng Says:

    i liked aqworlds and roblox. how do i sign up 4 gaiaonline? i was just on there and idk how to sign up.

  37. Wimpy Lightninng Says:

    can some1 plz tell me how to sign up 4 gaiaonline???!!!

  38. Wimpy Lightninng Says:

    and i also agree with nicole(i just read through the comments)

  39. $ Says:

    i tryed every one but i like meez best

  40. ? Says:

    yea meez rock

  41. lhei Says:

    have you tried its nicer than meez

  42. raheida Says:

    deez suk!!!

  43. yemond Says: its the best website in the WORLD!!

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    dat so cool

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  47. Jade Says:

    i want to make my own avatar

  48. Sarah Says:

    these suck don’t you have more

  49. Zoe Says:

    umm, these DO suck. a lot. WHY WON`T U JUST PUT ON CLUBPENGUIN?? if anyone sees me, my name on Club Penguin is: Clipflop
    thanks for nothing!
    PS on habbo people HAVE IT and instead of spelling the word, they call it babbo.

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  51. adfd Says:

    Imvu rocks, try it out, though you might want to by credits…

    if you dont, try myyearbook (go to earn credits and click use my yearbook on imvu).

    hope i help someone out there. :)

  52. Jack Says:

    Nice list of Avatar Creating sites. Thanks.

  53. Ivy Says:

    I’ve been looking for cool places to make avatars for a long time and I add to my list now and then. I have over 100 good ones on my list. Here they are (with my examples) on a personal page of mine.

  54. - A Says:

    Hey, people. If you want to make a good avatar, Yahoo Avatars is the best, I reckon. If you want to save it to your computer, take a screen shot. This is how:

    1. Get onto the screen you want.
    2. At the top right of your keyboard, there should be a button that says ‘Prt Sc-Sys Rq’. Press that.
    3. Go onto ‘Paint’ and click ‘paste’.
    4. Click ’select’ and make a box around the avatar.
    5. Click ‘Crop’.
    6. You should now have your avatar by itself. Now all you do is find ’save as’ and save the avatar as a jpg.
    7. You should now be able to use the avatar for anything you like!

    You do need to have a Yahoo email address, but that is pretty easy to set up, and you don’t have to actually use it if you already have an email address. I have a Gmail account, but I only use my Yahoo one for Yahoo Answers and the avatar.

    Hope this helped those having trouble! =)

  55. Selena Gomez Says:

    Cool this really helped me. Thanks whoever made this website or who ever made this list. Thanks it helps me.

  56. ashley Says:

    all these websites r dumb and meez got mi in freakin trouble meez gives u viruses dont go on that stupid website

  57. rosa Says:

    i like this website cuse it is cool

  58. candy Says:

    I love cratin my doll so cool

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  60. nacoya Says:

    i want a avatar

  61. Gharold Says:

    You can create animated avatar using Video Avatar.Also convert video to gif. It’s really cool programm!

  62. jade Says:

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    fantage is better than all games

  65. Mr. Bobinski Says:

    Does anyone know what the website is for this:

    I can’t seem to find the website…

  66. Hannah Says:

    Yeah i have been to meez its so cool i’m emo so they had like thousnds of outfits for emo or punk and wat evz. but you guys should try its kewl……

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  70. kayla Says:

    hello peers :) jk

  71. mckay burns Says:

    tell me some chat sites

  72. SW101 Says:

    I think is the best!
    been playing for like 7 months and never loose interest!

  73. ethan Says:

    quisiera tenr un avatar pero nose como si tansolo consiguira la alluda de alguien
    y pudiera resibirlocomo mi premio mallor y aserlo con pasiensia

  74. ashley Says:

    thx everyone but rlly some of these sites are the most freakin retarded scams in the world..!!

  75. Sarah Poane Says:

    These websites are retarded! They don’t give you many choices to pick from to create an avatar. . . you should be creative and express your thoughts

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