32 Crucial Websites for Every Internet Freak

Wed, Mar 19, 2008, by Seanwin


This is such an extremely useful list of websites that you may ask yourself how you have done without them for so long. They will assist you in countless ways, offer you lots of all-purpose tips, and are great references for any number of interesting services.

This isn’t the usual list of websites that you are used to getting and nothing like what you browse everyday. This list has literally tons of impressive stuff for your own personal Internet enjoyment, so bookmark them, and click away…

  1. This cool website allows you to browse through billions of archived websites. You can type in any URL and view the website when it was first created until now. Try it; put in Google and see what you get.

  2. This website is very nice for those who like listening to music on their cell phone. The way it works is that nutise place shifts your music to any web-connected PC and many mobile, so you can take a copy if your iTunes library with you where ever you go.

  3. You can pick a mood based on how you’re feeling at the time and Mood Swings will find the appropriate websites associated with your mood. Sounds easy enough, go for it!

  4. So lets say that you go to an electronic store and buy an item, but everyday you waist valuable time going to different websites, just to be sure that you got the best deal in town. Well fear no more, because this website tracks the price of items you bought online and notifies you in case of a price reduction.

  5. The freedome to work where ever you might be. This nifty little app. lets you access your PC remotely, by using your cell phone or any other PC.

  6. One of those amazing websites that allows you to bypass any blocked websites on the server. Great for work or school.

  7. This great website lets you go around the registration harassment which a lot of websites tend to have. It instantly gives you a disposable login for any popular website that forces you to register.

  8. Just from the name you can tell that it helps you send large files over the internet. Unlike your email, which only has a 5mb maximum capacity, this allows you to send up to 100 mb to any email address.

  9. For all those bargain hunters out there, this website gives you a complete list of all the coupons out for major realtors and web merchants. All you have to do is cash in on the savings.

  10. One of those interesting websites, which I am sure you are going to be using a lot is Flash Earth. It is more of an experimental application that uses the satellite imagery from many different sources, in order to give you a feel for the differences between all of them.

  11. This is the best place to find the cheapest tickets available on the web, because it is the only website that provides special rates for South West Airlines and includes the special deals that are only found on the airline’s website.

  12. This website allows you to create secret blogs with your friends, just by using your cell phone. You can stay up to date with sms notification, follow up on your emails, and receive latest articles from favorite blogs/websites on your cell phone.

  13. This is a web based photo editing tool. You have all the tools that the professionals have at their disposal, without having to run the application on your computer. A very nice program.

  14. For those that need to have their emails on the go, this website auto-forwards your emails to your cell phone as text messages.

  15. This website provides you with a temporary email addresses that expire within 10 minutes. For those nasty websites that ask for your email for verification, but just end up sending you a bunch of junk in the process.

  16. This website has a ton of free games for your cell phone. Free registration.

  17. Now if you have some extra money just laying around, I suggest that you put it to good use in the lending club. Basically it’s a social lending website, where you borrow money from individuals and you end up paying them back with interest. In a savings account you could be lucky to make 2% off of your savings, but here you are likely to make up to 12% interest per loan. Crazy!

  18. This website allows you to find the lowest online prices for any in store item in just seconds. Instantly check up on the deals for any product right from your cell phone.

  19. This very helpful website lets you convert the pictures you have taken form you cell phone and turn them into well formatted PDFs.

  20. Everyday, SoLow auctions off four different items. Anyone with a cell phone or a computer can be involved in the auctions by placing their bids. The user with the lowest unique bidwins the auction.

  21. Use Telepixie to quickly schedule and receive daily wake up phone calls on your cell phone along with reminders and weather forecasts.

  22. Using this website you can send free postal letters to anywhere in the US right from your computer.

  23. With Froonz you would be able to place group calls and send messages to multiple people for free.

  24. With Google STP you can forward anything you find on the internet to any mobile phone for free.

  25. Very cool website where you can find definitions to slang words. A user based rating system makes this website the ultimate slang reference.

  26. IQzone is very helpful in posting classified ads. You post your ad to a number of online and print classifieds directly from your cell phone.

  27. With PodioBooks you can search and browse through a variety of totally free audio books that you can put on your iPod.

  28. Jott is a simple way for leaving yourself notes and To Do’s using your cell phones.

  29. A very convenient phone directory system that lists direct human access numbers to support employees in hundreds of companies.

  30. This website is great for those individuals that want to catch up on the current buzz on the web. The way it works is that it collects the most talked about URLs of the day and just puts them in one easy place to find. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

  31. For those curious souls that like to learn new things and have the urge to know everything there is, this is the place to go.

  32. This website is for all of those iPhone users that are dying to know the latest news and updates for their super cool phone. This website provides the best information regarding any updates and hacks for the iPhone.

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    This is absolutely amazing… I am opening up a gazillion tabs to try out every one!

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    Wow!!! Sooooo coool!!! I am a total internet freak

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    ..unbelievable, what a nice
    job. Thank you too much.

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    Thanks for digging these out for me! You got some real gold in this list.

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    This is a good collection of sites to explore and be familiar. Just great!



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    Good list. Too many cell phone based ones though. The real internet freak is never away from the computer

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    Awesome list! Thanks for the article!

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    These are awesome!!

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    Really good list!
    You should also check out:

    There all great sites too !

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    google sent to phone is retired :(

  17. becky Says:

    Thanks for the information. I’ve never heard of that mailbigfile.com before; I’ve used usendit in the past. I will have to definitely check this one out as 100MB is a great limit! And I checked out that eSnailer thing — it’s SO cool! I wish I would have known about it before the holiday season or I would have sent all my cards that way! Anyway, thanks for the cool sites & information.

  18. Franky Says:

    For online coupons, a good site is: http://www.momsview.com

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    Loved the great ideas shown here today!

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    Lot of useful sites. Thanks. I liked it.

  21. mini Says:

    Lot of useful sites. Thanks. I liked it.

  22. mini Says:

    Lot of useful sites. Thanks. I liked it.

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    useful sites everyone need to know…

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    loved it, very cool

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    I’ve used the wayback machine many times. Its a really neat feature to the internet.

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    I will have to check out eSnailer. thanks for a cool article!

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    I’m totally going to check out podiobooks

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    It is very helpful to more offers and other things

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    Awsome Links! I got 5 tabs open atm

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    all very good.
    what about this?

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    I am looking for a site with a i or a

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    Wich one of you men wont to have sex with me at 25 stret at colmbia you can see my boob’s and put your wine in my front hool and back.

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    Really WOW! Though I can hardly call myself an internet freak, but i assure those websites are really useful and sometimes helpfull.

  35. Yoyo Says:

    The logos and text are overlapping each other on this page – FF & Chrome

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    I wanted to say the same thing as yoyo. Plus it would be a good idea to moderate out the spam comments. The overlapping and spam realy ruins this post.

  37. jay ess Says:

    nice, however it’s very hard to read some of them due to the picture overlay. also, they wayback mahcine doesn’t work for any url, just those that have been around for awhile and/or are popular.

    oh, and by the way, both urbandictionary and gizmodo kick ass!

  38. tempestsoul1416 Says:

    Thanks for the link to podibooks.com. Now I won’t be bored on the 1 hour bus ride home anymore!

  39. xxxiris4everxxx Says:

    you should all totally join vampirefreaks

  40. crazy Says:

    http://www.supercrazyworld.com has a ton of crazy videos and I would nominate it for #53 on your list


    http://www.fogetboutit.us.tc SHOULD HAVE BEEN #1

  42. lolontka Says:

    Vey well researched.

  43. phones accessories Says:

    like THE ARTICLE, great post

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  47. yidengai Says:

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  49. yaigni Says:

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  50. yaigni Says:

    A new generation iPhone 3 G version of the phone. Multimedia

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  52. pw Says:

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  53. udasign Says:

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    Special words really water
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  54. yidenai Says:

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    The most serious outbreak of East Africa 60 years drought 12 million people a famine in the land

    According to the hong kong-based newspaper wen wei Po about eight days to report, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) 6, humanitarian aid, refers to release alert east African nations are facing the worst drought in 60 years, appear the food crisis, an estimated 12 million people suffer famine of bitterness. longchamp bags

    Guterres says it’s high commissioner of the world’s most tragic humanitarian crisis, calling for one of the world, and to provide aid to face up to. The country including severe drought during happened djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, somalia, Uganda and eritrea and other countries. UNHCR survey somalia living conditions of the children, the report says 50% of dry climate moved to neighboring asylum severely malnourished children, some even arrived in refugee camps in 24 hours died. longchamp handbags

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    Oxfam has set the history of large-scale African aid organization program, the goal of raising $80 million. In may this year, for the international food donations dropped, the United Nations world food programme (WFP) was forced to reduce food aid somalia. Refugee agency spokesman Fleming on governments and non-governmental organizations face the bad situation, immediate support the United Nations assistance action.

    Refugee agency said that at present the refugee camp at Kenya has 382000 people, and thousands of people are waiting for check-in. The problem is, Ethiopia and Kenya is also caused severe drought during the similar problems, would not have their own, help other countries refugees conditionscheap longchamp

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    The United Nations ErJiHui: severe drought during continuous threat in the horn of Africa more than 200 children’s life safety

    News said, Kenya, somalia, Ethiopia and djibouti, particularly hard-hit, Kenya turkana area of extreme nutrition defective rate already was as high as 40%. High food prices and the continuous drought caused thousands of families need food and drinking water the serious situation of further deterioration, and lead to a surge in a week, refugees about 10000 refugee arrived in somalia and Kenya junction for help. handbags

    News that the United Nations ErJiHui of malnutrition children face are the disease threat special attention, emergency start said the children vaccination movement. In addition, the United Nations ErJiHui issued 31.8 million dollars in aid, in response to the call for the next three months millions of the affected children and women’s life assistance. cheap handbags

    The United Nations secretary general spokesman huck that day in regular news conference said, the world food programme is to Ethiopia, somalia, Kenya, djibouti, and other countries and Uganda in east affected 6 million people provide food aid, but due to drought conditions continued to worsen, the number of recent need the aid is expected to increase to 10 million, and still have $200 million budget did not reach the designated position. handbags outlet

    The horn of Africa including djibouti, Ethiopia, eritrea, Kenya, somalia, Sudan, and Uganda 7 countries facing food shortages, long-term problems. Nearly 30 years, the horn of Africa country at least every 10 years had a famine threat. handbags sale

    Since last year, the area last encounter severe drought during the decades in early may, so far this year, more than half of the rainy season, the horn of Africa country only for normal precipitation in previous years ranging from 5% to 50%. (handbags onlien

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    Find a way to settle, not to dispute;
    Never judge people by their appearance; handbags outlet
    Speak slowly, but think quickly;
    When someone asks you a question you don’t want to answer, smile and say, “Why do you want to know?”
    Remember that the man who can shoulder the most risk will gain the deepest love and the supreme accomplishment;
    Call you mother on the phone. If you can’t, you may think of her in your heart;
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    One kind of female butterfly mates only once in its life — and then closes its wings to avoid “harassment” when pursued by persistent and unwanted males, a Japanese researcher said.

    Observations of the Small Copper Butterfly, a colourful orange and black butterfly, showed that some females closed their wings when males flew by, but only when they were males of their own species, said Jun-Ya Ide, an associate professor at Kurume Institute of Technology in Fukuoka, western Japan. longchamp handbags
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    We’re always told that it’s what’s inside that counts. But a new study reveals that facial features could well be linked to boardroom success.

    And if you look anything like the top ten men and women in the rich list, chances are you too are going to get filthy rich. longchamp bags
    Experts scrutinised the features of the UK’s most successful people and came up with the facial model most likely to get ahead in the world.
    The researchers examined the likes of Roman Abramovich, Lakshmi Mittal, the Duke of Westminster, Lady Tina Green and Heineken heir Charlene Carvalho and came up with a composite made up of those of the 10 richest men and women in the UK.
    The result, they say, shows what features are most likely to make you a mega-rich tycoon or entrepreneur. longchamp handbags
    Men possessing the Roman nose, wide set eyes and flared nostrils could be destined for wealth and business success, as opposed to a man with a ski-slope or up-turned nose, who is likely to be a poor money manager.
    Phillip Green, they say, has the archetypal Roman nose, the Duke of Westminster is said to have flared nostrils, while Lakshmi Mittal is declared as having wide-set eyes.
    Female features that proved common in successful women were long philtrums(the groove that runs from the nose to the upper lip), high foreheads and flared eyebrows.
    According to the study, Lady Tina Green, wife of billionaire Sir Philip and a resident of tax haven Monaco has a long philtrum, while Heineken heir Charlene de Carvalho has a high forehead. longchamp outlet
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    Mark Riley, Marketing Director of MyJobGroup.co.uk, responsible for commissioning the study, said: ‘Success in business is down to many factors, one of which could well be our facial features.
    ‘Following our analysis, we were surprised to see how prominent certain features were in the faces of the UK’s ten richest men and women.’
    But all is not necessarily lost if you don’t share the common features of success.
    ‘Whether or not you match up to our ‘Face of Success’ images, one of the most important factors in business success is being in the right job at the right time,’ added Mr Riley.
    It’s not only wealth that personologists claim to be able to predict using facial features.
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    The French and Germans, some might say perhaps not surprisingly, fare poorlyin the smile stakes.
    Bottom of the pile are the Poles, who it seems are twice as reluctant to crack a smile as Britons.
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    July 22 (xinhua)–China’s national defense science and technology department/according to information network reports, U.S. defense department web site the article says, according to the U.S. air force news reports, the United States defense department established in 1947 on the global nuclear monitoring system within the scope of any time, any place nuclear information sees. handbags
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    Citizens spontaneous mourning
    In Oslo, many citizens mourn victims, the attack in spontaneous some church placed flowers, light a candle. longchamp bags
    City center set up makeshift memorials, a special place for the memorial service, many citizens in the rain to prepare to memorial.
    The victims and survivors to family members, an island is held near the ceremony.
    This is a nightmare”
    Norway’s prime minister jens. Stowe’s commitment to his annual, and the government will do all it can to, for the families of the victims to offer help and support. longchamp handbags
    He says 22 is the most painful period of Norway peace day. “It’s incomprehensible to victims, they… the father and mother and my family and friends for, this is an incredible nightmare.”
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    “When I was young, an island, in the political activities has been very active. I said, here is the paradise of the previous young people, 22 into hell. We must will be restored to the original here. No one can get it from our hands away from him.”
    Norway’s prime minister promised tolerance values unchanged
    According to xinhua Norway’s prime minister jens? Stowe’s his annual 23 said, attacks wil not change the Norway, the open society values of tolerance.
    The Norwegian urbane social open, inclusive, proud, bombings and shootings by far-right ideology may be driven to many Norwegian shocked reports.
    Norway English news website “foreigners”, are on government and innocent adolescents to attack from Norway and silence, with simple awakened charges, investigation and guess, people are starting to ask: the open society how?
    Events playback
    When 15 26 points: a car bomb attack in downtown Oslo prime minister’s office in the Norwegian government office building exploded outside.
    16 50 points:, an island is in the lake to the Labour party’s youth league, the campers are beginning to hear gunfire summer camp. cheap longchamp
    When 17 38 points: Norway swat forces at the site of the Oslo.
    18 before: swat force arrived in the lake, but it’s unable to find the ships in, an island.
    18 when 20 points: swat units reach in, an island.
    18 35 points: the main suspect when Blake vick put down to swat guns, surrender.

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    Alert the far-right trend for condolences. Norway massacre
    Citizens spontaneous mourning
    In Oslo, many citizens mourn victims, the attack in spontaneous some church placed flowers, light a candle. longchamp bags
    City center set up makeshift memorials, a special place for the memorial service, many citizens in the rain to prepare to memorial.
    The victims and survivors to family members, an island is held near the ceremony.
    This is a nightmare”
    Norway’s prime minister jens. Stowe’s commitment to his annual, and the government will do all it can to, for the families of the victims to offer help and support. longchamp handbags
    He says 22 is the most painful period of Norway peace day. “It’s incomprehensible to victims, they… the father and mother and my family and friends for, this is an incredible nightmare.”
    Talk about the impact of the attacks, stowe, that his annual, for now, to talk about the two attacks will change the Norwegian society, hope too early to keep their own features. Norway societylongchamp outlet
    “When I was young, an island, in the political activities has been very active. I said, here is the paradise of the previous young people, 22 into hell. We must will be restored to the original here. No one can get it from our hands away from him.”
    Norway’s prime minister promised tolerance values unchanged
    According to xinhua Norway’s prime minister jens? Stowe’s his annual 23 said, attacks wil not change the Norway, the open society values of tolerance.
    The Norwegian urbane social open, inclusive, proud, bombings and shootings by far-right ideology may be driven to many Norwegian shocked reports.
    Norway English news website “foreigners”, are on government and innocent adolescents to attack from Norway and silence, with simple awakened charges, investigation and guess, people are starting to ask: the open society how?
    Events playback
    When 15 26 points: a car bomb attack in downtown Oslo prime minister’s office in the Norwegian government office building exploded outside.
    16 50 points:, an island is in the lake to the Labour party’s youth league, the campers are beginning to hear gunfire summer camp. cheap longchamp
    When 17 38 points: Norway swat forces at the site of the Oslo.
    18 before: swat force arrived in the lake, but it’s unable to find the ships in, an island.
    18 when 20 points: swat units reach in, an island.
    18 35 points: the main suspect when Blake vick put down to swat guns, surrender.

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    Unlucky guest of
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    Representative: \”BuXieHao\” the nuclear-powered submarine
    The same was in March, is also the ice, but fell to the British \”BuXieHao\” the nuclear-powered submarine body, the effect is not.
    March 21, 2007 at 4 am 20 points, the navy \”BuXieHao\” the nuclear-powered submarine in the arctic ice and U.S. submarine near under joint military exercise, front cabin explosion accident caused by sudden, two deaths, one of them seriously. \”BuXieHao\” nuclear submarine then hit the arctic ice emergency surfaced in the sea. longchamp handbags
    Unfortunately, the lucky one is the place of arctic ice is not too thick, so submarine can prompt the ice and out; 2 it is not near the explosion blew pile up torpedoes and tomahawk cruise missiles, otherwise the consequence is unimaginable.
    All say \”was spared, there will be HouFu\”, but this sentence does not seem to apply to \”BuXieHao\”, all the time, the only \”real\” sign, is its unremitting efforts to have an accident. longchamp outlet
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    According to the British ministry of defense said, as long as the ship\’s food, \”BuXieHao\” the nuclear-powered submarine can indefinitely on cruise. From the Mediterranean to the north Atlantic, once the figure of the active everywhere it.
    But it is more active than the figure is the latest disaster. cheap longchamp
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    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, longchamp bags
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    And be one traveler, long I stood
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    And having perhaps the better claim,
    Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
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    Had worn them really about the same.
    And both that morning equally lay
    In leaves no step had trodden black
    Oh, I kept the first for another day!
    Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
    I doubted if I should even come back.
    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence: cheap longchamp
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
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    Germany’s foreign ministry will drive Libya’s new ambassador
    August 1 nov/according to the German magazine focus on July 31 days to report, the German foreign ministry will drive Libya in Germany, Hisham husband ambassador sand (El Sharif), he will be announced as the unpopular people. Sand, who had just on July 22, Libyan leader muammar was appointed the Berlin’s full ambassador. Sand, the lawyer thought, Cardiff the diplomat and his wife and two children banished to a war is in the country (Libya) very poorly. longchamp bags

    International online quoted, according to reports by Mr Qaddafi’s recall in Germany before the Libyan ambassador al-Ali Omar Jamal (barak-Baraq) to the writing of El diplomatic files, sand, very loyal to Mr Qaddafi’s husband, German federal information services at present master this part of the archives material. longchamp handbags

    Germany’s foreign ministry, said a senior officials in Libya’s internal a month to the embassy has not been stable, especially Libya opposition diplomat was invited to Germany, Libya’s embassy in the contradiction of the more obvious. longchamp outlet

    It is reported that, 31, Libya opposition of the east control fierce fighting broke out, Mr Qaddafi’s militia is saved the success of the 300 prisoners captured the opposition, Mr Qaddafi’s support person may further penetration to the area, it is the top military commander opposition Eunice Abdel Fattah (Junes) was assassinated by a stroke, cheap longchamp the opposition and now appointed Eunice (that is, the same birthplace of their father, have family pedigree) al-the brady (Suleiman Mahmud al-Obeidi) for the new top military commander.

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    The world wonders never cease, a British woman suffering from the disease also remarkable. -year-old in her abdomen after each feeding will, and make her 6) fills up sharply looks like a pregnant women give birth to October. handbags

    Britain’s daily mail reported on August 4, live in Britain Staffordshire kerry began to appear since adolescence meal abdomen, belly up later, rose higher and bigger. handbags onlienNow, in every time she finished eating the food a few minutes later, her abdomen will slowly drum up, and finally he resembles a pregnant women in October. Although a few hours her belly and will return to normal state, but her life was completely disrupted. Go out to have a dinner, she usually dressed in maternity clothes. cheap handbags

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    Reports say, DuoWei doctor for over ten years have been studying the condition of kerry, but always have no result. Her food allergies and no patience detection were negative. No matter how to change her food types, can cure her strange disease. If you eat a small block of cherry cake, she would like a ball drum abdomen handbags sale

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    A plane in Chicago Mr Hale airport after landing tires on fire

    August 5, American airlines flight from a French Paris to Chicago plane 5, afternoon in Chicago Mr Hale international airport after landing tires on fire. longchamp bags

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    The local fire department spokesman, said the plane right landing gear have burst into flames. There were 219 passengers on board and 12 crew members. At present the passengers have through the emergency channel all evacuated. longchamp outlet

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    Mumbai on August 7, India’s defense ministry reported 7,, 4, sea cargo ship sunk in mumbai since 6, a fuel leak began to appear at night. longchamp bags

    The cargo ship sinking of the site is located in south of mumbai 20 miles, the ship in waters about carrying 60000 tons of coal, 290 tons of fuel oil and 50 tons of diesel. longchamp handbags

    Indian defense ministry news releases said, every hour of fuel leakage of 1.5 to 2 tons, fuel has been floating around to wreck of the sea area 7. At present, in the field of India coast guards patrol ships have to take measures, and chemical dispersant and oil. In addition, the authorities has asked the fishermen in the sea fishing, avoid and request pollution control department collects oil leakage and test sampling. longchamp outlet

    The cargo ship start from Indonesia, 4, was found in the morning in mumbai port near the entrance, and in a state of drifting sent a signal for help. In India, the navy and coast guards near the common rescue, the merchant ship crew rescued all 30. At present, the police have arrested the captain and the chief engineer. cheap longchamp

    In August, 2010, in two cargo ship collision near mumbai port area, about 800 metric tons of fuel oil leakage of mumbai, ecological environment, and cause damage to the local fishery detrimental.
    The loss is people, and who knows, the injured is always our survival nature?

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    Obama said the United States needs to solve long-term deficit problems

    Washington, aug. 8, President Obama in the White House 8, told a news conference in the United States, policy makers, and the United States are currently facing the real economic challenge is to take effective measures to improve the long-term fiscal sustainability. longchamp bags
    Obama said, as long as there is enough political will, and the American economy is “can solve problems of”. He wants the U.S. credit rating was cut to members of congress can bring new sense of urgency, to solve America’s long-term deficit challenge. longchamp handbags

    Obama said, no matter what the United States credit rating agencies to ratings, “the market is still confirm our credit is the world’s most safe, the challenges we face is the need to solve the long-term deficit”.longchamp outlet

    International standard &poor’s, a rating agency, the United States congress announced 5, and the government recently concluded fiscal consolidation plan not reached the middle of the U.S. government that solid debt situations need for the United States the extent of fiscal deficit and debt scale increased worry, decided to put the United States credit rating from the top of the sovereignty over the AAA level down to AA + level. This is the first time in the history of the United States lost 3 A sovereign credit rating. cheap longchamp

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    British media said the people of local government as a deposit without resentment
    August 9,-the guardian, a British newspaper, said the latest postings, London riots attracted worldwide strong concern, what are the reason for British suddenly in a volatile, that this should be aroused people’s thinking, this paper says: longchamp bags

    Since last year, two British party since the coalition government, the more and more problems appeared in Britain. longchamp handbags Students protest factory strikes, appear, labor union, longchamp outletnot to say, now also parade broke out several cities spread the riots. The cause of the fire may have different, but adds up, are the British government inaction in the years of the results. cheap longchamp

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    The whole face transplant women’s new faces appear have been orangutan disfigured
    According to England “daily telegraph” August 11 days to report, in 2009, American woman, Charla Nash, check for Nash) by the chimp attack was disfigured. Now accept full face transplant success of the operation, she showed her to the world of new faces. handbags

    Nash from Connecticut, Stamford (Stamford), 57. In may this year, Nash accept for 20 hours of full face transplant, now she can already Brigham Hospital in Women (Brigham Women ’s-answer for his Hospital bed) new faces photos. Nash said: “I will be able to kiss and embrace the love, I will be able to smell, like normal person eat, is no longer a disfigured.” cheap handbags

    In 2009, Nash was 180-pound gorilla, her pet attack lost his arms, lips, nose and eyes, not only blindness, appearance and terrifying. The gorilla later shot by the police. Nash is the third accept full face transplant. She said: “here I get a new face and two hands, this will let me once again become independent, back into the society.” handbags outlet

    It is reported, Nash hands transplantation was very successful, but then complications force doctors remove them. If have suitable donors, the doctor will try again for the novice transplantation. Nash’s daughter said, mother to return to normal life can’t wait, before, she always with head cover face. The doctor say they hope Nash can enjoy a normal social life. handbags sale

    For Nash and face the medical team for surgery including more than 30 doctors, nurses and an anesthesiologist. Nash thank these people help, also thank her for organ donation of anonymous. The world’s first full face transplant surgery is a case in 2010 in Spain. handbags onlien
    Hope she will soon be restored to health! Also remind you don’t feed large pet, that it’s too dangerous!

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    The British riots killed 5 people Internet users “of human flesh search” rioters for

    London August 12-British police 12,, said killed five people in the days of heavy violent unrest. Prime minister Cameron criticism police misjudgment situation lead to riots spread. longchamp bags
    Police say the chaos, a man in London g AD Roy in a car was shot in, three in Birmingham was killed by a car, and a 68-year-old YiLing area in London by rioters for head to hospital, wounded after died. longchamp handbags

    Up to now, the police have arrested more than people, including 460 DuoRen was accused of theft or damage public order offences. The police also in various media and social networking sites released from surveillance cameras capture the criminal suspect photos, encourage people to assist the police hunt. longchamp outlet

    In the chaos play a role social network, at present and become a British Internet users “of human flesh search” of the rioters for Internet. In addition to facebook site outside, in image upload sites, social networking sites, call it Flickr push, Internet users are started actively looking for participation in beating to burn the criminal suspect. cheap longchamp

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    Japan’s earthquake in 5700 were found safe cash 2.3 billion yen

    August 16 (xinhua) according to the yomiuri, Japanese police published 15, announcement, 3.11 east Japan after the earthquake to July 10 during the four months, police in hand, rock fukushima reigns, three of the 5700 recovery some safe, part of it as a safe is lost and handed in to the police. herve leger dress

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    Burning life
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    Israeli forces bombed gaza killed at least five Palestinian people dead

    Israeli warplanes bombed the southern gaza rafa’s a private housing, cause includes three and armed groups “people’s resistance to committee member, five people died. And the organization of the general secretary ABU al-bandar o. longchamp bags

    According to local people say, at that time of the group of armed men gathered in the private housing for the normal during Ramadan, while other people walking around, they are a military meeting. longchamp handbags

    Bombing happens, hundreds of “people’s resistance to committee members of the” three

    Earlier in the day, in southern Israel more attacks that killed at least seven Israeli people dead. With defense minister ehud barak accused the militants from the gaza strip implementation the attacks. Oath coping with. longchamp outlet

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    Dakar August 21-NuWaKeXiaoTe news: Mauritania air force a plane 21 at the distance of the famous historical city cover a few miles to crash, one person died. longchamp bags

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    The other witnesses say, the plane’s engine in the fire before the crash.

    A few months ago, Mauritania on a military artal set up a pilot training school, French some air force there training Mauritania mechanic, to help wool air force air force to fight against terrorism. Hair on a military artal regional deployed the anti-terrorism special forcescheap longchamp

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    40 Israeli passengers in Turkey by the airport seizure
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    Kenya oil pipeline explosion at least 120 people die will investigate the accident cause
    Virginia in the capital, Nairobi 12 has oil pipeline explosion caused the fire, explosion has already killed at least 120 people. This GuoJiTai attachment in Kenya, introduce the blast reporter Mr. Peng rui of the specific conditions of the accident. longchamp bags

    Reporter: good. The oil pipeline explosion in local time, 12, from 8:30 a.m., the accident site is located in the industrial zone of Nairobi near sinai slums, distance Kenya pipeline company about 1 km. The pipeline exploded downtown Nairobi is connected and of the airport. Explosion triggered fires, then fire staff on the spot has found that at least 120 bodies. longchamp handbags

    Witnesses said, the time have a pipeline happened unexplained leak, slums residents flocking to oil pipeline to take oil during the explosion. According to information, longchamp outletsomeone will be thrown into a cigarette butt is full of fuel MingGou drainage is the main reason of the explosion, and from the pipeline leaked oil and infiltration into slums woodiness soon and paper primary, make after the explosion the fire spread very quickly. cheap longchamp

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    YeTian reiterated his term in office will not visit the shrine say hope to visit China
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    The LDP members GuChuan shot long urged the visits, “the prime minister said taking should also visits to the yasukuni shrine, China and South Korea to separate that class a war criminals who sacrifice is interference internal affairs.” YeTian said: “for this martyr expressed his thanks and respect for granted, but based on comprehensive consideration, the prime minister and GeLiao must avoid official visits to.” longchamp outlet

    About whether they should be separate class a war criminals who sacrifice, YeTian only said: “this relationship to religious freedom, I don’t talk about it.” cheap longchamp

    Democratic senator zun bed YeTian asked how to treat the two stretched japan-china relations. YeTian said: “next year is restored diplomatic relations in 40 years, deepen the strategic and mutually beneficial relations.” He also said that the “hope in both sides convenient time to China.” longchamp handbags

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    The United States the man was arrested for poison the teeth of handcuffs escape. Open
    On September 15, according to the Taiwan news today reports, American one suspect in order to escape, even in the teeth to bite open handcuffs. longchamp bags

    So exaggerated things happen in Michigan. 26 year old man Alexander (Quincy Alexander) for poison arrested by police, but he is taking the advantage of the police do not pay attention to, bite open handcuffs, the whole process of flight was monitored camera down. longchamp outlet

    Alexander poison and disengaged attacks in a female, arrested by police. The suspect was brought to the police car, cheap longchamp but while the police don’t paying attention, with teeth to the handcuffs bite open, slunk away, process are the car, the surveillance tape. The police found out the dogs, immediately and helicopter chase, about 3 hours before he grasped back. longchamp handbags

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    Japanese Hokkaido railway train derailment accident for President for the sea to suicide
    Tokyo September 19, longchamp bags according to Chinese news the sound of the news and vertical and horizontal “report, before a week of early morning, in Hokkaido, Japan ZhaHuangShi alcatraz rose up early in the morning, and Mrs. No see her husband’s figure, only to see a heap of the envelope on the table. Her husband-JR Hokkaido railway company President ShangJun alcatraz, that left. Yesterday cheap longchamp (18, morning, in the distance, small cup Hokkaido 1 km offshore, off the coast of alcatraz ShangJun’s body was found in the sea fishing of locals. This thing in Japan create no vibration. longchamp handbags

    At seven yesterday morning about 50 points, the fishing found a floating male body, the police have confirmed that the identity of the body is in 12, he left after missing at the age of 64, JR Hokkaido company President ShangJun alcatraz. Police said, that the cause of death for preliminary drowning. longchamp outlet

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    S&P downgrades Italy on weak economic outlook

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    In addition, in parts of northern Sri Lanka for rain triggered floods, many roads submerged.

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    Special worth pointing out that is, this text increased cope with the reduction of economic and social impact caused by the measures.Earlier, the developed countries will refuse to this clause into negotiations draft text.

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    According to one Russian reports, Russian foreign minister sergei lavrov 5 in Afghanistan international conference said that Russia in Afghanistan after the completion of the international peacekeeping mission to establish the country’s neutral position.monster headphone

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    He said that only by the powerful means could not cope with the situation in Afghanistan, have to develop the economy of the country.

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    The United States MinHangJie “chief executive”, the federal aviation administration chief randy 路 babbit 6,beats by dre headphone for “drunk driving” lose WuShaMao, can be received the most painful life of a ticket.

    The 65-year-old babbit released on the day of the resignation statement that said do not like to see the federal aviation administration’s reputation for what damage.beats by dre headphoneThree days ago, babbitt was arrested for drunk driving on the spot.

    According to the scene of the traffic police,beats by dre headphone the Washington for neighboring fairfax city, time about at night about half past ten.At that time see babbit drove retrograde, hence come forward will car stopped, after the verification babbit is drunk driving,beats by dre headphone he himself to this “confessed”.

    “Drunk driving” by the media after the disclosure, immediately make public DaHua.Many critics refers to the federal aviation administration chief full-time responsible for making the ordinance, safeguard national civil aviation safety, so babbit is duplicity knowingly breaks the law.

  126. only12 Says:

    Virginia tech says, on the same day, also is 8 at noon, a school in the campus police check vehicles when they were shot dead.Witnesses say gunmen have fled to walk in a parking lot near.dr dre headphonePolice then in this parking lot and found in a the dead.The school has not released the name of the dead identity.

    After the shooting, the local multiple law enforcement personnel to search for suspects in the school.beats by dre headphonePolice sealed off the campus, public traffic all shipments.Posted on the website of the university in the warning message, require students don’t go out, to lock the door.School officials say, the suspect is white men,beats by dre headphone dressed in ZiHeSe cap unlined upper garment, grey shorts, with a backpack, wearing a gray top hat.

    However, the latest news of the Virginia tech university said, in the parking lot of the second the dead should find the suspect is shooting himself.dr dre headphoneWhen accepting a reporter to ask whether the shooting suspect still at large, the school spokesman said “we are trying to make clear the events I am, and I suggest the media should carefully consider the police mean. I really can’t give more definitive answer, but I want to investigators should make sure that we found this man.”

  127. only12 Says:

    The local time 11, 36 countries from the 3777 people gathered in Jakarta,monster headphone capital of Indonesia, each lifted up a torch, the highest in “the world’s largest by human form with the torch image” record.beats by dre headphone

    According to information, this activity by the network social organization “Freedom Faithnet Global” held.beats by dre headphoneAlthough the continuous drizzle with the day, but the participants don’t reduce interest nowhere.

    According to the report, in addition, there are 3690 people on a “most people hold the torch parade” the record.

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    Karen Iraq is the main opposition Zimbabwe “movement for democratic change” (” director of luck “) members,beats by dre sale she in December 9, in “director of luck” party conference speech “Mr Mugabe and the country’s another politician brokeback sentiment”.<a href="http://cheapbeatdbydres.dr dre beatscom”>cheap beats by dre

    Zimbabwe authorities say Karen Iraq published damage of prestige President speech, breaking the country’s law, so will the seizure.29, made a $200 bail after being police arrest seven days of Karen Iraq finally released.

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