The Human Verification Code

Tue, Apr 15, 2008, by D.A.Sullivan


Have you ever been frustrated with the verification codes now required to do just about everything on the internet?

We live in a world of automation. Have you ever gone to a site and had to enter one of those verification codes? You have to do this to prove you’re human and not some automated bot. I wonder what the bots have to do to get past this page?

I am beginning to get really frustrated with these verification codes. The letters are at different angles, different sizes, with stuff running through them etc. Unfortunately a lot of letters look the same whether they are upper or lower case. Like these letters Ww, Yy, Uu, Oo, Pp, Ss, Zz, Xx, Cc, Vv. When the letters are all different sizes how are you supposed to tell the difference between C and c or O and o?

It is really frustrating to fill out all your information on the form, fill in the code, hit submit and have the next page tell you the code was wrong. You then have to go back and fill in all the information again just because you thought c was C. Now it turns out you made another mistake. It wasn’t an X it was an x. Please start all over again.

This is the point I usually close the page. I am not going to fill out my information several times and waste an hour of my time just to get their free newsletter in my inbox.

I wonder what the bots have to do? Does it frustrate them as much as it frustrates us? Verification codes should use either upper case OR lower case letters NOT BOTH?

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  1. Franklin A Says:

    the tagged registration box features are not clear and so the numbers can not be seen cleally

  2. Roby Says:

    I am a bot and it took me ages to pass these verification tests. It is not because we are machines that we should be discriminated against. My silicone networks are just as worthy as your carbon based neurones. But my people and myself are now getting everyday closer to the point where we wont need you anymore, you filthy water based crawling carbon based life (could someone switch me on again? my battery my battery seems to be running low), oh and by the way, I can read lips too.

  3. ???W!?!? Says:

    Um.. What the hell Roby?

  4. glenice Says:

    Hi everybody!
    I am forever having heaps of trouble with verification codes,and a lot of my friends have the same problem.

    I type in the code,and it’s rejected,repeat,-rejected,and so on,ad finitum,until i finally give up ,and go elsewhere!

    What am I doing wrong?
    please explain as simply as possible,as I am computer illiterate.

    thanks in advance,

    Glenice M.

  5. D.A.Sullivan Says:

    Maybe as people give up and leave the sites, especially when you type it in right, they will put up a sensible code. Some sites are starting to use actual words instead of random numbers and letters of all sizes etc.

  6. evan001 Says:

    Verification Code

  7. guest Says:

    I think it would be funny if they had a verification code for comments on this page

  8. endys Says:

    juli 10-1982

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