Interpol Might Apprehend the Cyber Criminals

Mon, Dec 29, 2008, by s j tubrazy


Interpol is an organization facilitating international police cooperation to investigate and apprehend the criminals involved in trans-border crimes. Its access and scope to investigate is not encouraging but their work is tremendous.

Interpol is international police, an organization facilitating international police cooperation and to investigate and apprehend the criminals involving in the crimes of trans-border access. Its access and scope to investigate is not encouraging but it works is tremendous. It does help national law enforcement agencies and institutions in tough and mind-blowing criminals’ issues and activities. It has even recognized itself as inevitable part of international investigation in the contemporary world.

The determinants to set up the organization like Interpol were very clear for the pioneers as the global village becoming more vulnerable by the criminals and a crime of nature of trans-border access may occur in the any part of the world. The nature of cyber crime as in the words of “Des Berwick” “cyber crimes are the global crimes”. Cyber crimes we may say a most advance type of electronic crimes which may occur in one part of the world victimizing in the other part of the part world.

The global nature of cyber crime can investigated only the agency which has definitely access globally. The national law enforcement agencies have limited access and power and investigation of cyber crime of global nature may only be investigated by Interpol with collaboration of local/ national law enforcement agencies. 1st International Cyber Crime Investigation Training Conference was held Korea to augment and enhance the scope and area of investigation globally, a senior official of Interpol Berwick highlight the importance of the IICCITC in these words;

“A large component of this conference in Interpol activity is the encouragement and establishment of cooperative mechanisms. So you have communication liaison, they can investigate simultaneously around the world.”

In IICCITC it has recognized officially the following points;

  1. The lack of globally harmonized training initiatives
  2. The global need for training institutions
  3. The need for the global exchange of training materials, trainers and free training sites the difficulty in finding qualified trainers
  4. The willingness of academia and private industry to support law enforcement’s development and delivery of training modules

The determination of Interpol is always barely credible and it done great job in various international criminal issues. It can even do great task to apprehend the cyber criminals and cyber crimes but there are some barriers and impediments which Interpol faces in the way of investigation of cyber crimes;

  1. Interpol has not access to the cyber criminals
  2. Lack of legal basis for Interpol to get the data out of the service providers
  3. Lack of international collaboration
  4. Lack of advance training
  5. Improper legal mechanism
  6. Having not legal permission for data interchange
  7. Old laws dealing new technology
  8. All national legislation does not consider the data stream as evidence
  9. Phishing and pharming permitting places in the world
  10. Lack of cohesive global legal framework

A lack of laws covering online crimes has hindered international investigations into the growing number of crimes on the Internet. The crime and criminals always employ the lacunas and ambiguities of law, and limited powers of law enforcement agencies make criminals escapable, the global nature of cyber crimes may be threatening for the world, the cyber crimes being underside may victimize any group or social infrastructure of any country of the world. International investigation agency like Interpol may play a vital role to apprehend the cyber criminals with the appropriate authority of trans-border access ‘Law enforcement agencies and the private sector need to work more closely together, with countries creating specialist joint units ready to respond to a cyber-threat against their nation or to provide assistance for police anywhere in the world.

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    infomative one

  2. LoveU Says:

    With the speed of technology developing, the internet criminality is growing.Interpol should definetly trade somehow for certain types of information in order to be able to catch the people who commit the crimes.

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    very informative article

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