April Fools Day Worm

Fri, Mar 27, 2009, by lindalulu


Yes, another worm will be surfacing the net or should I say computers on April 1st.

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April Fools Day is the day that we are supposed to be graced with the latest and most dangerous worm Conficker. Now Conficker has been around for awhile and had different stages and names but this one is the most dangerous!  No, this is not an April Fools day joke, quite the contrary. This new version is a time bomb waiting to go off.

Apparently this worm was around some time ago and security experts say April fools day will set it off again. This worm infected millions of computers last time and now they say this strike will be the worst ever. It will come in the form of an update for malware sending hundreds if not thousands of requests out to its over 50,000 domains.

This worm was first reported last November Conficker “A”, it  blew a hole through a security in windows, which Microsoft had already patched. Then Conficker “B” told computers to visit one of two hundred and fifty websites to download an unknown component. The security people shut down all of these sites in hopes to stop the infection.

The new version of Conficker “C” will close down the security system while it downloads a Trojan. It will also link to other computers that are infected . This smart worm will also make it very hard to find and also to remove it from your computer. It will make programs for antivirals useless and will also block you access to get onto a security site.

Any computer that has installed automatic updates will be at risk on April 1 this year. Conficker will give a hacker access to every infected computer across the globe.

Down deep inside the World Wide Web, there is an whisper of potential chaos building. Supposedly there is a malicious piece of code that has already prompted the French military to ground some fighter planes.” Wow, now this is not something to under estimate at all. If this thing can ground military planes what else is it capable of?

The biggest issue is not the worm, but the people who are in charge of the computers that are infected with it. This is like a large powerful weapon that can be used against all of us.

Conficker Cabal or “C” has not been sitting still all this time it has actually penetrated every country in the world except one which is the Republic of the Congo. The security team has been working globally trying to stop this infestation for becoming a reality. This is making a global impact as we all have to get along to stop this threat on a global basis.

F-Security has a “Q” and “A” and wants anyone concerned to go read this. It should answer a lot of peoples questions and concerns. There is also a free cleaning tool that you may use.

I hope this turns out on a good note and this April Fools day, which is less than a week away passes without any of us being affected by this threat.

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  1. papaleng Says:

    nice article and I enjoy reading it..

  2. CHAN LEE PENG Says:

    Ya, thanks for reminding me. Almost forgot this 1st April. Or else I’ll be cheated lol…

  3. Glynis Smy Says:

    Thanks for the warning!

  4. Mr Ghaz Says:

    great work! nicely done! well done n thnx 4 sharing

  5. STEVE666 Says:


  6. rutherfranc Says:

    that made me ready and aware.. thanks.

  7. M J katz Says:

    Hi Lindalulu; Thanks so much for passing this information on to so many of us who hadn’t a clue that such a threat was out there…and just waiting to go off!
    How did you find out about this worm?
    I truly hope that nothing bad happens on April Fools Day or any other day…it’s just a shame that there’s always someone somewhere who wants to create chaos and dispair for others. But I do believe that what goes around, comes around….God will have the last laugh!

  8. revivor Says:

    like others, I hope it all blows over
    thanks anyway – revivor

  9. Christine Ramsay Says:

    Ooh! It sounds scary! Thanks for the warning.


  10. Will Gray Says:

    Great article! Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Kirstyanne Ross Says:

    Good article huni, thanks for letting us know, will be extra vigilant.

  12. Juancav Says:

    We must be aware,good information.

  13. Sandra A Flowers Says:

    thanks for the warning I haven’t heard of this one yet, great job

  14. Tarra Buluran Says:

    This is really dangerous. Thanks for the warning!

  15. Kimberly Moore Says:

    Thanks for your protection in this matter:)

  16. Ruby Hawk Says:

    This is scary, I think we will turn our computer off the day before April fool’s day and leave it off for the day.

    I’m digging this.



  18. Bo Russo Says:

    Thanks Linda,I don’t think I’ll get on the computer that day.

  19. Eunice Tan Says:

    Wow. I do hope I will pass this threat.

  20. Inna Tysoe Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up.


  21. dakota87 Says:

    There I commented on yours, that’s crazy what you are writing about. I loved your work

  22. jo oliver Says:

    Thx for the warning!

  23. S M Blomker Says:

    thanks for the warning….good article

  24. Damon Reichardt Says:

    Make sure that you all have up to date anti virus soft ware and check this link for more info:http://www.microsoft.com/en/us/default.aspx
    Thanks for the heads up lindalulu, this made the news cycle to night on our NBC affiliate in SF. Keep up the writing!

  25. Damon Reichardt Says:

    Sorry! disregard the last link I posted! that just takes you to Microsoft, this link takes you to the conflicker worm info. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/dd452420.aspx

  26. kate smedley Says:

    I’d not heard of this, thanks for the warning.

  27. Adam Henry Sears Says:

    I’ve heard something similar to this on CTV news. They did not go into this amount of detail though! I had never heard of it before the other night on the news. Thanks?

  28. deehackett Says:

    What a scary thought! Thank you for this information!

  29. nobert soloria bermosa Says:

    thanks for the precaution,nice work

  30. valli Says:

    Thanks for your warning.

  31. Sandra Tapia Says:

    Well that’s just fine and dandy! One more thing to add to the list of worries! Thanks for the info.


  32. luv2write Says:

    WOuld it be safe disabling the updates..or shutting things off is the best option for not so techie ppl.

  33. lindalulu Says:

    luv2write, I am not sure if shutting down or disabling will help anything.

  34. Betty Carew Says:

    Great article about a very serious threat Linda

  35. Denise Kawaii Says:

    Thanks for the head’s up!

  36. DA Cournean Says:

    Very pertainent information. I hope everyone escapes this.

  37. CutestPrincess Says:

    quite interesting piece…

  38. C A Johnson Says:

    Thanks so much for the warning, Linda. I haven’t heard about this worm either. It’s a shame that people have nothing else better to do than to spread trojans and viruses to people. I hope that no one has to go through that.

  39. John McDonnell Says:

    I wish this were an April Fool’s Day joke, but I guess it isn’t. It’s a shame that people are so malicious they would spend time making a worm like this.

  40. Keeping it real Says:

    The artical inspries fear. Comments about people leaving there computer off for the day? How about no one goes to work either? The internet as a whole has faced much bigger problem than this worm. The effects of this virus will not be notcied by the average user. MS patched the vulnerability sometime last oct, if you don’t have your computer with the latest updates then i would suggest you turn it off, and leave it off. Not keeping current with critical updates? you deserved to get a virus.

  41. Conficker Says:

    Haha you are all screwed.

  42. Winter Says:

    Good as always

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