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Sat, Dec 24, 2011, by AndAnotherThing

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Forget all the others this is the best email account and email address you can have! Get yourself a free Google mail account – get yourself a Gmail email address.

Google is the preeminent organisation on the internet. Google represents the online world and what is best offline too. Google is company with a social conscience and a funky company too. 

Google products are tried, tested, approved and popular. Google Search is so popular that “to google” has become a world recognized term. Google’s Android phones will soon overtake all iphone (especially with the top secret additions and developments which will soon be revealed). Google’s browser (Google Chrome) is faster and better than internet explorer and won’t try and sell you rubbish when you use it.

The obvious conclusion is that Google email is better than all the rest! Forget AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo and open up your Gmail email account as soon as you can.

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  1. FX777222999 Says:

    Inshallah shokran!

  2. mphsglo Says:

    Google is taking over the world. :) Gmail is good, I have several accounts.

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