Why Triond Can Pay More Than Bukisa

Wed, Dec 15, 2010, by Richie Montalbo

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After January 13, 2010, there will be a big difference between writing for Bukisa and for Triond. Writers are bound to make more money from Triond.

This is because Bukisa will only share revenue from Google Adsense while Triond has Google Adsense sharing and its own revenue sharing.

Why can Triond pay its writers more and Bukisa can’t?

The reason may be found in this photo:

Photo from Triond

This is the photo Triond uses to explain how the Google Adsense Integration with Triond works.

The Google Ads boxes show the positions of the Google Adsense from which the writer and Triond will be sharing revenue. The revenue sharing will be 50-50.

The “not Google Adsense” boxes are the ads where Triond gets its other revenue, which it shares with its writers using a secret algorithm.

I don’t care discovering that secret algorithm, because it is that secret algorithm that separates Triond from Bukisa.

Bukisa Has Lesser Ads

Obviously, Bukisa can’t pay its writers more than the Google Adsense sharing because the make-up of its website doesn’t allow a lot of advertisements.

On the photo above, Triond has six ad boxes on a page, three of them are Google Adsense boxes.

While in Bukisa, there are only four, two of which are Google Adsense boxes. Bukisa may claim that the revenue from the two other ad boxes will be used for the maintenance of the website.

Triond Has More Cards in Its Pockets

But wait, there’s more! Triond doesn’t only depend on those six ad boxes to make money.

They also make money from Kontera, an In-Text Advertising Network, those ads you see when you hover over double-underlined words.

Bukisa also uses Kontera. And they won’t be sharing any revenue from this to their writers too.

I assume Triond also makes money from Outbrain, the one responsible for the Related Articles under your articles. Some of the Related Articles are marked “Paid Distribution” that is why I assume they make money from it.

They also have another ad box below the tags which is served either by Chitika or AdMarketplace.

And then for US and Canada visitors, they also serve a type of ad that float above the navigation bar. And there is also one that lingers below the page which sometimes pops up a video. This additional ads are the reason why Triond pays more for US and Canada traffic.

Who knows where else Triond has hidden their money making gems?

If Bukisa would try to pay its writers more than Google Adsense sharing, they will need to overhaul their website design to accommodate more advertising methods.

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  1. Brewed Coffee Says:

    An enlightening article. I have a Bukisa account but I only have time to write for one site now so I choose Triond. If only I can have an Adsense Account :-(

  2. Richie Montalbo Says:

    Why can’t you have an Adsense Account?

  3. Fornis Says:

    That is true. The secret algorithm is getting more mysterious even compared to Adsense. Bukisa should try similar thing. We can suggest them as they are asking for ideas.
    We should suggest using advertisers who don’t mind adsense ads and space left on the corners of the web page.

  4. Markeli Says:

    Interesting. Does anybody know why Bukisa gave up the previous system? Overall more money is made with AdSense than the former 3.22 index…

  5. Likha Says:

    Really? Hmmm.. just when I was thinking of writing for Bukisa. Thanks for this.

  6. papaleng Says:

    good observation that is clearly presented. I do have a stagnant account there.

  7. gizeus Says:

    ah ok, now I know…thanks for sharing this..

  8. David Says:

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    Thank you

  9. researchanalyst Says:

    you make a good point

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