Why Publishing Same Content on Different Sites is a Bad Idea

Wed, Sep 28, 2011, by Spencer Hawken

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Each day, most online writers working on content farms republish their work on multiple sites, a scenario that is making it harder for us to earn.

Everyday I read, or hear about people talking about dual posting. This factor has been out there since the dawn of time, and the blame should most notably go to the likes of Ciao, Dooyoo, and Epinions who all allow, and in some ways encourage multiple postings of the same article.

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Here is my advise to you… STOP IT!

The biggest sacrilege you can perform to your writing is to post an article in multiple places. This was exactly the reason that the feared Google Panda, was conceived, and placed which now affects the online writing of Internet authors.

By multiple postings of the same article, you send warning flares to Google that essentially marks your work as spam. So while you might generate immediate hits from the community in which you’re posting in, you are condemning your articles in the long run to a cold and lonely place on the Internet that nobody will ever see or read about.

I used to post multiples, because I saw the instant turnover of cash, however long-term there is nothing coming in. If you are interested in writing as a career you must, I REPEAT MUST, treat it as an investment. Much the same as if you bank a dollar, in a years time you might get an extra couple of cents.

There was once a definitive article on an aspect of an issue with an Apple Mac, this article was written by a friend, who posted it on Blogger. If you searched for almost any variation of the problem being talked about in Google, his article came up first. Then this Blogger discovered a website, that paid for content, and placed the same article on that site. Before he was receiving 1000+ reads a month, now not only can it not be found first place on Google, but it receives less than ten reads a month.

The Google Panda crisis (an updated Google search algorithm that placed content farms as a less important entity) is past us, and many of us are looking at ways of getting our earning back on track. Here is a valuable tip, re-promote your work by social networking, do not republish it.

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  1. strovek Says:

    That is a good point and good example. Hadn’t thought of that.

  2. Teyra Wong Says:

    you are right, friend, dun ever post double or triple the same things….

  3. athena goodlight Says:

    Good points. Ideally this would be nice. But the problem is, there’s an 80% chance that others would republish our articles as their own. I’ve seen it happen several times over, eventually stealing the revenue from the original writer.

  4. dazzlejazz Says:

    Some good advice there. Thanks.

  5. abercrombie paris Says:

    What a fun pattern! It’s great to hear from you and see what you’ve sent up to. All of the projects look great! You make it so simple to this. Thanks

  6. Spencer Hawken Says:

    LOving the black hat spam there a&f

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