Why is It Difficult to Make Money From Google Ad Sense?

Mon, Sep 17, 2012, by vijayanths

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Many online writers and bloggers think that Google ad sense is the most lucrative program available for them. Though it’s true, millions of bloggers are unable to make money from Google ad sense. Why is it difficult to make money from Google ad sense? Is it impossible to make money from Google ad sense? Is it a waste of time to put your efforts into Google ad sense program? Please keep reading…..

1. Ignorance of bloggers: Many bloggers think that they will start making money if they could post a few articles on their blogs. They don’t know that it takes a lot of time, hard work and smart work to make money from ad sense. Unless they get thousands of unique visitors every day to their blogs, earning money from Google ad sense will remain just a dream. 

2. Many bloggers don’t know how to draw huge traffic to their blogs: Driving huge targeted traffic to the blogs is the key to success. Most bloggers are not that good at Search Engine Optimization. Getting a few hundred page views per day will not be enough if you really want to make decent money.

3. Using Blogger: Many bloggers are are using free Blogger to create their blogs. Though it’s a free service, you always have the risk of getting your blog removed by the Dictator Google at anytime marking it as spam.

4. If there isn’t enough organic traffic: If you don’t get adquate traffic from Google, the chances are your ad sense account will be disabled by Google. For example if you write for Triond integrating your ad sense account with it, your account be banned. The reason is your main traffic is from within Triond and hence all your clicks come from the same Triond members. It’s easy for Google in that case to ban your account and keep your hard earned money.

5. Check your CTR: This is where many bloggers lose their ad sense account. What is CTR? It’s the Click Through Rate. The CTR of an advertisement is the ratio of number of clicks made to the number of visitors. Let us understand it with an example. Suppose you are posting an article on Apple iPhone, Apple iPhone advertisement will be displayed on your article. If 100 people visit your blog post and only one person among them click the ad and view it, then the CTR is 1%. Though 2% CTR is considered as good, as far as Google is concerned, Google will move all those publishers who get more than 0.5% CTR into their banning list. 

6. Free blogs: Google will not respect free blogs and hence it will not send good traffic to free blogs.

Is it impossible to make money from Google ad sense? Yes, it’s almost impossible to make money from Google ad sense these days. 

What should you do if you want to make money from Google ad sense?

Tips to make money from Google ad sense:

1. Start your own Word Press blog.

2. Be aware that you need huge, very huge traffic to your blogs.

3. Be aware of Google policies. Never publish adult content, gambling content etc.

4. Do not make enemies online. Even if you have one smart online enemy, he/she can easily get your ad sense account banned easily.

Summary: If you really want to make money from Google ad sense you need to learn a lot including SEO. Remember Google is waiting to get a chance to ban your account. Therefore, you need to be very careful and play your cards cautiously. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Farzeela Fee Faisal Says:

    You may count me among one of those naive who don’t know a thing about earning lucrative as you’ve said using adsense :)

  2. Martin Kloess Says:

    Good work thank you for sharing.

  3. vijayanths Says:

    Hi, manish007, Nice to note you found the article helpful.

  4. vijayanths Says:

    hi, Farzeela Fee Faisal , everyone is a naive when they start their blogging career.

    I know you have crossed that stage long ago.

  5. vijayanths Says:

    Thanks Martin Kloess .

  6. Agnes Chin Says:

    very honest opinions..

  7. Rose that grew from concrete Says:

    I have been having trouble with Google Ad Sense myself recently and i still can’t get my head around it, but this article will help. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Patrick Regoniel Says:

    This somehow eased my frustration after having my Google Adsense account banned without any sensible explanation from Google. That\’s understandable because Google has to apply automated reply due to the millions of people using adsense. Better not depend on Google Adsense. Anyhow, I earned a few hundred dollars before Google banned my account. And the last one happened just after I received my latest payment :)

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