What’s The Best Site to Win Free Prizes? Lockerz, Swagbucks, Fribiz, Irazoo?

Sun, Jul 18, 2010, by Steeve

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For the past 2 months I’ve been using different websites to win free stuff in my spare time. I have had great success on some, with little success on others. In the following article, I will be reviewing lockerz, swagbucks, fribiz, and irazoo and letting you know which site you should focus your time on the most.

Search and win sites

Everybody always asks me whether or not search and win sites are worth it. Being that I’m always on my computer, they are definitely worth my time. All you have to do is do your normal searches that you would make on a google search engine, but in one of these search and win sites and start winning prizes! Yeah, I agree I’m not earning a living off of these sites. I win about 4-5 $5 gift certificates a month, just for using irazoo and swagbucks instead of google. But I’m also not doing anything extra to earn them, so why not?

How to win more points on search and win sites?

  • Change your homepage to the desired website (swagbucks, irazoo)
  • Change your toolbar (if using swagbucks) to the game site to receive extra points
  • Don’t sit at the computer entering random searches (the sites allow you to win a certain number of times a day and you cannot win twice within a certain amount of time)
  • Search every 2-3 hours, if you don’t win within the first 5 searches come back later
  • DO NOT use bots! Once you use a bot, your chances of winning in future searches goes down (learned from experience..)
  • Have all your friends and family join, but DO NOT spam

Are search and win sites worth my time?

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