What is Google adsense and why it is Good for you

Mon, Oct 31, 2011, by traduslee

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You and adsense.

Google adsense is a good cost per click or CPC ad program. It is also context sensitive or contextual, because it relies on the content of your site to run ads.

It also gives you the option of targeting the ads that appear on your website/blog.You can edit the ad channels in your adsense page to determine ads.However the ad inventory of adsense must match the content on your website/blog.This is how you get the type of adsense ads that run on your website/blog.

When Google’s adsense first started, there was a lot of skepticism about its profitability.Today it is no doubt the most popular pay per click ad program worldwide.

One thing many initial adsense skeptics overlooked was the fact that Google,acted based on sound judgment in taking the decision to set up adsense. Adsense was an innovation that Google had assessed for its profitability beforehand.

Today adsense is profitable to Google, advertisers, publishers and consumers. Some publishers like  Christopher Knight of www.ezinearticles.com are some of the success stories of adsense.

 Adsense is profitable today because it provides better interactivity between content , markets and suppliers on the Internet.it does not thrive on obtrusive huge banner advertising, and it has even less obtrusive options like adsense for  feeds and adsense for search.

In addition,adsense does not annoyingly compel immediate buying.It thrives on linking buyers with sellers within the context of content- the buyers prefer and search for themselves.

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