Six Cool Tricks in Google Search Engine + Pictures [ Must SEE! ! ]

Sun, Feb 10, 2013, by Rahmat Syam

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Have you Try some cool tricks on Google search engine?? If you haven’t, You must Try this six tricks. For me, it is so COOL :D .

Hello guys, I have found some tricks which you can try on Google search engine. All of this tricks can make your searching experience more fun. Let’s try one by one :D

1. Let it Snow

To do this trick, firstly open, then type Let it Snow. After that, press ENTER. You will see snow falling down in your browser. Cool right? Let’s try.

Google, search engine trick, snow 

2. Do A Barrel Roll

To do this trick, firstly open and then type do a barrel roll. After that, press ENTER. You will see Google search engine do a 360° roll. Let’s try.

Google, search engine trick, funny

3. Google Gravity

This is my favourite trick. To do this trick, open and then type Google Gravity. Don’t press ENTER, but click on the “I’m feeling lucky” button. Make sure you click the “I’m feeling lucky” button or this trick won’t work. Let’s try
Google, Search engine trick, gravity
4. Askew To do this trick, first open and then type Askew. After that, pres ENTER. you will see a new kind of animation. Let’s try
5. Google Pacman GameDo you know Pacman? Yeah, this is one of the famous game. You can play this game on Google search engine. First, open this url . After the page opened, click on the “insert coin” button. The game will be begin. Let’s try.Google, pacman, search engine trick
6. Zerg Rush TermitesThis trick is also my favourite trick. To do this trick, open and then type Zerg Rush. After that press ENTER. Look, there will a lot of “O” letters broke the google logo and the search result. And in the end, all of teh “O” letters will make a formation which look like two big “G”. Let’s tryGoogle, search engine trick
Ok guys, I think enough for this time. Have fun?hehehe.. So, what do you think about all of the tips above? Which trick is your favourite trick? Let me know. Thanks :D
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  1. kank268 Says:

    Nice tricks
    thanks for share

  2. tarsnip Says:

    Very good – glad you included pics!

  3. Scott Says:

    I knew only the Google Gravity trick.
    Thanks for the other ones.

  4. free stuff from amazon Says:

    haha, that’s hilarious!!

    thanks dude :P

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