Nine Unique Versions of Google You Should Really Try

Tue, Apr 29, 2008, by zipaway

Search Engines

You use Google every day, so why not try something a little different?

The World Wide Web’s most popular search engine has revolutionized the culture of a generation of internet users and likely many to come. We never actually search for anything on-line, we ‘Google it’ these days. So, be different and Google It by using one of these unusual versions of the search engine.

  1. Elgoog

    A Google Mirror brought to you by All Too Flat. It’s Google, only entirely backwards! Not very useful as a search engine since you have type in your search queries in reverse as well!

  2. Google Loco

    A (loco) version of Google. This is a parody site that was just made to make fun of the original site. What’s cool is that the color of the search box changes when you type and the logo of Google shakes.

  3. Googoth

    Fully implemented by Ezechiel Von Nutello, this version of Google has a nicely done Gothic look to it. It specializes in dark, gothic, industrial, fetish or alternative topics.

  4. Google: Klingon

    Everything is in the language Klingon. If you haven’t heard of Klingon, it is the strange language the bumpy headed aliens in Star Trek use. Better buy a Klingon English dictionary if you want to understand this!

  5. Google: Pig Latin

    Everything is in Pig Latin. Pig Latin is an English language game, where the initial consonant sound of an English word is placed at the end and an ay is affixed, for example Google would be ooglegay.

  6. Google BSD

    Made by Google, this Google has a little devil in the O of Google. Great for those who can’t get enough of the Free BSD Project.

  7. Google: Linux

    A Google made for Linux, this version has a penguin in the word Google.

  8. Google Pacman

    A fun version that was made by Google, this one includes the classic game pacman. Just press the Insert Coin button and get ready to go back in the past. Move pacman around with the arrow keys. It was made to celebrate pacman’s 30 birthday.

  9. Blackle

    This neat version of Google is created by a company called Heap Media. Google is made black in this version in order to conserve battery power and energy. The company likes to remind people that we should take small steps in our everyday lives to save energy. However this only saves power on CRT monitors and not LCD so it is unlikely to save power.

Search Tip

You can type any of these into regular Google and press “I’m Feeling Lucky” to enter the site.

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  1. insub2 Says:

    Blackle only saves energy on CRT monitors, NOT LCDS (…so it is unlikely that one will save any battery power).

    In order to make black, LCDs have to activate all the subpixels to block the backlight. Thus more energy consumption.

    Spread the word…because I’m sick of seeing this myth.

  2. zipaway Says:

    okay, thanks for the info.

  3. Knightgull Says:

    wow i never knew there are that much unique google search, kool info man =D

  4. imaginationg web Says:

    There are around 17 different versions of “black google” online. The best one I’ve found is Cleanblack is the only version that allows you to change the text colors of the google search results. Try it yourself by going to

  5. Lexi Says:

    There is also a it’s a “gangta google” it translates what you type in to “gangsta”

  6. dylan Says:

    there is also greenle which i sthe best one

  7. dancing pony unicorn Says:

    there is also a redle

  8. wow you guys have no life Says:

    wow you guys have no life

  9. jess Says:

    google used to do their own black one on earth day and gave up because they say it doesnt save energy any more. Googoth has been under maintenance for nearly a year now , there is another one for goths though if you type gothengine and click i’m felling lucky.

  10. Jessi Says:

    There’s also Google Pirate.

  11. lee Says:

    google should make a version for the Spencer Tigers

  12. Kane Says:

    I think you forgot kool search.It’s what people are crazy about right now.It offers different styles that you can choose.Currently it has got Batman style,Harry Potter,Shrek,Scooby and the Lord of the Rings.It also has the default google style.The address is

  13. L Says:

    You can also go to leet google, just type in \”google leet\” and then press Im feeling lucky and it\’ll direct you.

  14. Conor Smith Says:

    What a cool article.

    Well done mate.

    Another cool site I recently came across is the Facebook Status Generator. Its the website of the best book I have read this year!

    Check it out!

  15. ananomus Says:

    you missed google ninja :(

  16. TJ Says:

    the bes one is

  17. KI Says:

    forgot about doogle and dinoogle

  18. ad Says:

    rainbow google??????????

  19. asdfghjkl; Says:

    What about mysterygoogle? :/

  20. Yupperz Says:

    Oh wow I tried the Elgoog thing but it wouldnt load da heck happened?

  21. Yupperz Says:

    Oh wow I tried the Elgoog thing but it wouldnt load da heck happened?

  22. :) Says:

    there is also elmor fud if that helps

  23. katie Says:

    and weeniegoogle and epicgoogle

  24. holly Says:

    theres more the nthat5 – theres purplele greenle etcc

  25. JB FAN Says:

    There’s also if you like Justin Bieber.

  26. ;p Says:

    Don\’t forget Google pacman!

  27. andrew Says:

    what about jewgle?

  28. Isabela Says:

    They also have Funny Google where you can type any name to replace the name of google. Andd they have GoogleLoco.

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