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Fri, Sep 21, 2012, by joanchy

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Making new blog.

Because many who ask what is a blog, so far as practicable, I write here just the basic info for beginners blog.
Create a blog on is easy.
Now I will show how to create a new account on, which is 100% free. I recommend you to create a blog on because the program is fully supported by google, so if we make a blog here that Google will quickly index your blog. As a result the blog will be appearing at page google search.


Once the page opens, please click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT after you click, it will display the form to fill in name and password. Please fill out and you should always remember the username and password you enter.
Do not forget to checking the Term of service agreement.
Then click the arrow button “Continue” to proceed to step 3


This part is very important, because the name of your blog will become a keyword.
TIPS: for your blog easily indexed by search engines (search engine), then it would be more good if you create a similarity between the addresses and the name of your blog!
Now click the arrow button ORANGE “Continue” to proceed to step 4


Now you are just one step away haya to have homemade webblog!!!
Here you intended to choose the color and shape of your website. Please choose according to the topic and your taste.
OK if you have finished selecting the template, now we’ll go to the next step.
Now click the arrow button ORANGE “Continue” to proceed to step 5

    STEP-4 (Generate YOUR BLOG)

Now bloggers will create your blog. Once the blog is finished, then your browser will have the words “Your Blog Has Created Beeb ‘Click start to post to an article / writing your first.

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