How to Make at Least $1 Per Day Online

Tue, Oct 20, 2009, by emopython

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How to make at least $1 per day online. This can be scaled up to make even $100 a day online!

This is nothing new, but for the noobs who are just starting out and can’t afford BH software, or expensive hosting, or whatnot this is a solid, simple, working, cheap thing to get started and start building a blackhat bankroll to use for bigger things.

I did a test on this recently, it worked out well, now i’m outsourcing it all and will be making nice $$$ with no work on my end.

I’ll even give you my niche: Las Vegas (per click i’m getting anywhere from $0.50 to $3.11 through Adsense)

What to do:

-Buy a .info domain name. Related to your topic. It costs $1 on godaddy.

-If you can’t afford hosting then pick up some free hosting. Google it. You only need to create a simple 3 page site.

-Create the index page so that adsense dominates it. I have an adsense banner at the very top. I have one along the left hand side, one along the right hand side, and text links going across under my site banner (to trick people into thinking they are for site navigation).

-Put the minimal amount of content on the homepage so that the ads stand out more. Use meta tags relating to your niche (for my example, mine were las vegas hotels, las vegas casinos, las vegas deals, etc..). And put a few sentences on the homepage about your niche. You need your Google ads to pick up keywords to give you the good paying ads.

-Put a link to a 2nd page (where you will write up some good content, this way if Google checks out your site they will see there is actual content on it) and put a link to a privacy policy page.

All this should take you less then an hour. And the nice thing is you can then take your 3 pages, use the same format, and just change your content and upload it to a new site, should take you 15 minutes to create each site after the first so you can knock out a lot of these per day.

Now, go out and promote your site. First, wait for your Google ads to display. In my example, the ads are mostly for hotel deals in Las Vegas. Now promote that. You can do this for free if you have no cash. Go to forums, message boards, craigslist, comment in blogs, anywhere relating to your niche. Post something along the lines of “there are great coupon codes to get hotel rooms in Las Vegas for $5 per night. Check out”. They will go there. And then it is a statistics game, out of 100 people who visit you’ll get some percentage that will click an ad.
If you have money, you can use PPV. The more general a keyword the cheaper it usually is. So i bid $0.01 per view on the phrase “las vegas”. I also bid on the hotel sites for las vegas hotels. I get targeted traffic there cheap, and depending on how well the CPC pays, I can usually break even on 1 click per 100 views, and anything above that i’m making a profit. And you don’t even need to spend time on backlinking and hoping for good google SERP.

And that’s the general idea. You can throw some twists on there like “send this page to 10 friends and get a free night at a hotel” and then have them input 10 emails and have a basic email sent out to their friends (so you get free traffic). You obviously dont give a free hotel room but what can they do. Etc…

I dont know all google’s TOS, but i believe the way i set it up it abides by the rules.

So for the poor noobs who have no money and don’t understand the more complex methods, get $1 and go and do this. You should be making $10/day at the absolute least per day doing this, and when you ramp this up you can easily reach $100 per day. If not then you’re being lazy and you don’t deserve to make money online.

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