How to Check a Websites Revenue and Stats

Sun, Jan 2, 2011, by Minister Marlene

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CHECK any WEBSITES stats, REVENUE & visitor count with CHECK WEBSITES STATS. This article will give you the power. You’ll soon know just how much money any website is earning. How much money does Triond make each day? Did they really beat Suite 101 in daily revenue? Read on…

Wouldn’t you like to check a websites stats? Are you interested in checking a websites estimated daily revenue? How much money does your favorite site earn daily? Would you like to know about a websites revenue, visitor statistics, page rank etc? Guess what? Now you can find out the stats and revenue of every site you visit.

http://www.checkwebsitestats.comis an awesome website/blog analyzer. Here’s what you can check with CHECK WEBSITE STATS:

1. Google Page Rank

2. Back-Links from Search Engines

3. Expiration Dates

4. Estimated Web Traffic

5. Daily Earnings

6. Age of Site

7. Potential Google Adsense Income

8. Server IP Address

You don’t have to wonder any more. You don’t have to rely on hearsay, scammy marketers or gurus. You can check a websites stats and revenue today.

Here’s an example of what was found about specific websites:

  • Hub Pages Daily Revenue: $3,658
  • Suite 101 Daily Revenue $399
  • Triond Daily Revenue $414
  • Bukisa Daily Revenue $310

It’s easy to check a websites revenue and stats at The following steps will turn you into a net detective.

1. Go to

2. Type the URL of the site in question

3. Sit back and take notes

Bam! Now you know exactly how much revenue the site makes. CHECK WEBSITE STATS website/blog analyzer is a great tool to use. You’ll be ” in the loop”! What’s your favorite websites estimated daily revenue, visitor statistics and page rank? Isn’t it great to know?

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  1. Agasthya Says:

    I will definitely check this website.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brenda Nelson Says:

    to make this really valuable you also have to know how many USERS each site has.

    Iike one site with 10 users and $100 a day income is better than another site with 1000 users and $1000 a day income.

  3. Minister Marlene Says:

    The website tells you how many visitors to the site. As far as users, I wonder B Nelson.

  4. Minister Marlene Says:

    The website tells you how many visitors to the site. As far as users, I wonder, B Nelson.

  5. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    B, the revenue generated by a website is just an estimate based on the number of users.

  6. Yovita Siswati Says:

    Interesting stats. I will surely check those sites.

  7. lapasan Says:

    Thanks for the information. Maybe I should click the site you mentioned. Triond is indeed not earning enough- an average daily income of only $414.

  8. Treasures Says:

    Off to checking stats. Thanks a bunch Minister Marlene.

  9. OhSugar Says:

    You have no idea how valuable this information is to so many people who just had no clue about how to conduct this search. I am very grateful to know how to do this. I will checkout this information on sites that I am interested in .

  10. A Bromley Says:

    You bet this is good information and I will use it. Now I’m curious about my other sites. Hmm! We’ll see. Great share and much needed by we who choose to write for cyberspace. Good job.

  11. gaby7 Says:

    This is some very useful information! Thanks a lot Minister Marlene!

  12. wizgem8 Says:

    Nice article, thanks for the tips.

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