How to Add The Pr Value of Your Blogs??

Thu, May 10, 2012, by ryan75

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Higher PR rank is good points for any bloggers..Get the solution here.

before we are talking about how to increasing the PR (page rank)of blog, we must know, what is Page rank..

Page Rank is google method for measuring how important your blog or site to another people

here are several tips how to increase your PR value…

1. Try to write relevant topics with your title or headlines blog. The example, you make a business blog, so make many article about business..It will be good that you write anything topics…

2. Blogswalkings and share link with another bloggers. It will increase our Page Rank especially when our link was implanted in blog with higher PR..

3. Another suggestion, don’t easily change every month and every week your blog template

4. You must update your blog. update with another article , it can gives some credit in search engine eyes
5. Gives comment with another blog…

6. Manage your blog. Don’t make many visitor is hardly for looking guest book…

I do hope it can gives your knowledge about how to increasing your blog page rank

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