How Many Articles are There on Triond’s Sites?

Thu, Dec 20, 2012, by shelpeare

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Find out how many articles are on Triond and find out a way to keep updated. Please use the information contained within wisely.

In October 2012 I wrote Triond Crosses The 800,000 Registrants Milestone showing that since 2006 more than 800,000 writers have signed up with Triond although a great many no longer write for Triond. have you ever wondered how many articles there are on Triond’s sites? Is it possible to know? Well, the truth is that you see that figure everyday without knowing it. Here is how you can know and how you can stay updated.

(1)   Every time you submit an article to be published and you go back to fix it, just look at the link in your browser and you will see the article id or number of the article that you just wrote. The link will start off with[number] and you will see a number trailing at the end. That number lets you know whether your article is the 3,000,000th or 4,000,000th article submitted to Triond. At this present time we have reached just under 4,100,000 articles! Every article published in December, 2012 will start with the figures 409 and four figures trailing that.

Two things must be kept in mind. The number has to do with the order submitted rather than the order published. For instance, if you submit an article and someone else submits after you and theirs is published some minutes before yours your article will still have a lower article id number than theirs. It is just that they leaped ahead of you.

(2)   It is also possible to know whether the last article published is article #4,000,000 or article #4,090,000 etc. If you go to you will see the last article that was published on Triond just under the Hot Content List. If you go to the article and check the source code, search for “doILikeit” or “article_id” in the source code. You may have to press “Search” more than once until you see three figures separated by slashes: the first figure is the article id number, the second seems to be the number code associated with the Triond site and the last figure appears to be whether the article is the 160,000th on Webupon or some other Triond site. So it is possible to see whether that 160,000th Webupon article is the 4,090,000th article in all of Triond.

Of course these figures cannot reflect the number of articles that have been deleted by writers or by Triond Admin. It is however the number of articles that have been submitted from 2006 till the time of the writing of this present article. It is by no means an impossible figure because from 2006 to December 2012 more than 800,000 writers have registered on Triond. In six months Triond moved from 700,000 registered applicants to 800,000 applicants. Triond could easily be a giant in online publishing if Admin would only make some needful changes to satisfy writers more. Not even the mighty HubPages has the statistics that Triond has in its favor although both started off in 2006. See for HubPages’ statistics. Triond is a sleeping giant.

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    I never noticed this. I must admit adter reading your articles you really are a smart indivdual

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    Thanks for an informative article. I knew Triond has been around for a while, but I didn’t realize what the number meant.

  4. Nxwtypx Says:

    I wonder if this number includes photos on Picable? Seeing as the edit URL’s for them include these ID#’s you mention in your article, I think this number does.

  5. shelpeare Says:

    Yes, it does. I forgot to add that in my article. I checked a recent Picable photo and the number is in that vicinity.

  6. shelpeare Says:

    In fact in the source code of a Picable photo, to find that figure you have to search for “article_id.” Very ironic that they call it that.

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    Very clever and interesting – as usual. Thanks.

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